Mission Not Accomplished


News from last week, but still sadly relevant:

A U.S.-based construction company has pulled out of its contract to rebuild Iraq's transportation systems, deciding it was too dangerous to stay, a spokesman for the U.S.-led reconstruction effort said Wednesday.

Contrack International Inc. of Arlington, Va., led a coalition of firms working on a $325 million contract to rebuild Iraq's roads, bridges and railways. Contrack withdrew from that contract last month after a surge in attacks on reconstruction efforts, said Lt. Col. Eric Schnaible of the Pentagon's Project and Contract Office in Baghdad.

"It's hard to do construction in a place where people are shooting at you or intimidating your work force," Schnaible said in a telephone interview. "It's a challenge across the country."
Security concerns have been a major reason for the slow pace of reconstruction which has frustrated Iraqi and U.S. officials alike. Of the $18.4 billion in Iraqi reconstruction money approved by Congress more than a year ago, less than $2 billion has been spent.

Meanwhile, reports the UK Guardian,

Iraq's largest mainstream Sunni Muslim party pulled out of the election race yesterday, saying the violence plaguing areas north and west of Baghdad made a "free and fair vote" on January 30 impossible.
"We are withdrawing," said Mohsen Abdel Hamid, leader of the Iraqi Islamic party, as he announced the latest setback to plans to stage the country's first credible elections.

"We are not calling for a boycott, but we said we would take part only if certain conditions had been met and they have not," he said.

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  1. ooohhh. but maverick looked sooo cute when he landed on the aircarrier.

    we still have to work hard. on monday. on tuesday. on wednesday. we’ll work on thursday and on… on… on {whisper whisper} friday. and saturday. and on sunday, we’ll rejoice and sing that we won the hearts and minds. that’s right. we’re torturing joe camelpack but we’re winning their hearts and minds.

    dammit. why couldn’t the peace be as “easy” as the military victory? we’ve got lots of brave individuals there. we’ve got lots of smart people over here. just let them finish up and we can win this thing and get the hell out of there. or get the hell out of there to cause the victory.

    hell, i dunno. it’s all too confusing. too confusing. ARGH!!!!!!! (moves to jump out window. misses and thuds off the wall)…

  2. It would be fun watching the inevitable Iraq catastrophe collapse on top of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, if it weren’t for all the decent people they’re going to take down with them.

    OT, does anyone else think Bush’s “Medal of Freedom” farce is a slap in the face to Lech Walesa?

  3. Oh it saddens me no end that the sunni muslims are backing out of the elections in iraq.
    They don’t desereve democracy. This pathetic bunch
    of barbaric savages deserve another Saddam. Since
    the demented Mohammed, curse be upon him, his followers have never had a democracy or anything like it. Let them “Submit” to the thugs,criminals and pathological killers in their midst.Islam and
    those who support it are degenerated barbarians.

  4. hey joe!

    someone else mentioned today in another thread about code words. that applies to your observation, too. as long as you accept that there is a universal decency, morality, and way of being obediant, you’re free. don’t you see? so actually, lech is a slap to him and any other fundamentalist believer of the western three religions.

    what you do in your bedroom IS of concern to those fucking pius types who get icked out by something they either are jealous of or don’t understand.

    (will wait for junyo or mona or others to bring up how awful communism is now.)

  5. I’m pretty sure Mona’s too busy reading National Review’s latest report about American troops finding WMD stockpiles. See, that’s where John Kerry left them, during a Baghdad layover on his flight from Paris to Hanoi. A guy who never met Kerry told me this.

  6. Donvan:
    the demented Mohammed, curse be upon him, his followers have never had a democracy or anything like it.”

    Yeah, cuz democracy was really flourishing in the Mideast prior to that damn Mohammed. Oh… wait…

  7. joe,

    I’m really sick of reading posts by partisan hacks. And that Mona person was pretty rough too.

  8. crimethink, I’d like to point out the difference between a partisan and a hack.

    Mona and I had an exchange once, in which she claimed that Kerry was lying about an episode because of A, B, and C.

    I responded with notA, notB, notC, and D.

    She didn’t bother to refute any of my arguments, but responded with, “I don’t know why you’re making arguments that the Kerry campaign itself isn’t making.”

    I was being a partisan – arguing my side on the merits, because I believed it was true. She was being a partisan hack, trying to win the argument for her side, and make my side look bad, regardless of truth. I put forth my side very strongly, but I don’t lie to win. That’s an important dintinction.

  9. This is one super duper site3

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