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In an uncharacteristic show of compassion and humanity all but certain to provoke a political backlash, the FDA has approved a study to determine whether methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy to the kids) could ease the pain and anxiety of terminal cancer patients. (Hat tip: Agitator)

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  1. Unfortunately, for every step forward…

    two steps back…

    So while MDMA research goes forward, marijuana research is getting more stiffled than ever. Mostly, I think, because popping a pill can’t rouse as much irrational hatred in the drug warrior’s heart as smoking something.

  2. But then the terminal cancer patients will start participating in sex orgies, all-night dance parties in illegal locations lacking fire-code compliance, listening to monotonous music, using the paraphenelia such as glowsticks and lollipops, and then they’ll sport ridiculous fashions such as mini-backpacks featuring stuffed-animal and Japanese pop-icon motifs! Oh, the humanity! Those doctors must be stopped before Western Civilization gets stuck in the sewer!

  3. It’s really not fair to post this right after the entry on Hurwitz’s conviction.

    1. Since the study is gov’t funded, the results will probably be negatively biased.

    2. If MDMA is beneficial (obviously it is), and the study properly indicates it, it will still be illegal.

    3. If any states legalize it, the Feds will still crack down on it.

    (I love the smell of pessimism in the morning)

    The legality of a substance has absolutely no correlation with its beneficial uses or its potential for abuse. If that were the case, opiods would be completely banned, and marijuana would be available at a 7-11.

    The proof is left as an exercise for your web browser.

  4. Not really new (the notion of FDA-approved MDMA research). Studies are already underway regarding MDMA use in PTSD patients.

  5. Why not just give them diamorphine (heroin) like they do in Britain?

  6. Perhaps we need a really long name, with lots of x’s, for pot.

  7. CodeMonkeySteve: Hey, I take issue with your statement about banning as a function of uses vs. abuses. Opioids are the most effective anesthetics in the world, bar none, and are are also effective anti-diarrheals. No argument about the abuse potential, although we should note that you could get opium products freely in the US until 1914.

  8. CMONKEYotherSTEVE, the project is ‘not’ government funded.

    It was merely approved by the FDA to allow the researchers legal access to MDMA, which at present is Schedule 1.

    As noted in an above Comment, this is the same challenge faced by cannabis researchers. Since cannabis is Schedule 1, they must receive approval from the DEA to grow their own test weed. Lacking that, they can only used government grown weed from Univ of Mississippi which in street terms is pretty much commerical grade schwag.

    More from the guys behind the MDMA research can be seen at

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