Stupider Even Than Brussels


Ever heard of the saskatoon berry? Neither had Britain's Food Standards Agency, until it was informed that the imported fruit hadn't gone through the two-year test period carried out under the Novel Foods Regulation. The Eurosceptic editor of London's The Spectator, Boris Johnson, is outraged, and in a step surely designed to infuriate him further, it's that fount of cretinous rulings, Brussels, that has overturned the British ban.

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  1. is it a relative of the berry of variety dingle?

  2. That URL is fucked up.

  3. Put some Three-in-One on that URL!
    While we’re waiting, I’ll share that I had the pleasure, on Thanksgiving, of meeting a Saskatoon family of canola farmers, so that experience probably will qualify me to comment.

  4. It’s been fixed

  5. Nah — berries of the dingle variety are Irish and already allowed by the EU.

  6. B.P.,
    Funny, I had never before thought of the dingleberry as a source of Irish pride. You’ve swelled me breast!

    BTW, back in the “Old Corps” (USMC), before PC-ness, loose threads on ones uniform were called Irish pennants.

  7. Saskatoon bushes are one of the most common flora where I live (North Western Canada). They taste fine when fresh, but are best when cooked in a pie. Without a doubt one of the best pie fillings ever.

    Here’s a picture of the berries,

  8. Philip Scheinbein,
    Let me get this straight:
    Saskatoon berries are being raised in Manitoba. So are they raising manitobas in Saskatoon–along with the canola? Or is “manitoba” Canadian for dingleberry?

  9. Leech-hunter,
    Do you know the difference between parsley and pussy?

    Nobody eats parsley.
    Keep helping us H&R-ers plump for a healthy and “complete” diet.

  10. Anybody know how to get fresh Saskatoon berries shipped to a location in the USA? My local supermarket doesn’t stock them and my interest has been piqued.

  11. Matt XIV,
    Saskatoon berry is the same as below:
    “Serviceberry may be found from southern Alaska south to California and east to Alberta. It is found southward at the east part of its range through the Dakotas, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.
    In the Columbia River Gorge, it may be found between the elevations of 100′-4300′ throughout the length of the gorge.”

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