Iraq: The Crusaders are Dropping the Ball


Post-invasion Iraq not too comfortable for Christians, says this Knight-Ridder report.

Leaders of the ever-dwindling Christian population in Iraq say bombings of their churches and attacks against their communities may force them to take up guns.

Two more churches were bombed in Mosul last week, the latest attacks, and some Christians say extremist Muslims are terrorizing them with the intent of ousting them and seizing their houses and belongings.

Iraq is home to one of the oldest Christian communities in the world, made up largely of ethnic Assyrians….But as the turmoil increases, hundreds of Christian families are leaving each week for exile in Syria and Turkey.

Some Christians have called for the establishment of a "safe haven" in Iraq's north, where they would be protected by special Iraqi army units. Others are threatening to add a Christian militia to Iraq's already militarized society.

…..Estimates of how many Christians have left Iraq in recent months range from 10,000 to 40,000 people.

[Link via Rational Review.]

[UPDATE: Our own Tim Cavanaugh began explaining exactly why some Iraqis are irate about Christians way back in 2003.]