The Body Language Poll


Just watching a roundtable with Brit Hume on Fox News with Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes and company, and boy, it sure sounded like Brit, Bill, and Fred were in full lament mode over a Bush implosion.

The spin seemed to be that Bush erred in focusing on weapons of mass destruction and going to the UN over Iraq. So, in so many words, it is all Colin Powell's fault. Nice, real nice.

Let's sit back and enjoy the circus. The polls have just closed in a half dozen states and if a Kerry landslide is in the making, we'll soon know.

NEXT: Exits: 51-48 Kerry Nationwide

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  1. “A Kerry landslide.” How amusing.

  2. If Kerry wins, I hope he picks Powell to serve in some capacity (whether continuing as SoS or switching to Defense). Powell deserves better than he’s gotten for the last three years.

  3. Powell is Uncle Junior from the Sopranos – a mediocrity who was allowed to rise to a very high rank by virtue of his inability to threaten anyone. Everyone’s fifth choice, who got picked because the nominees people really wanted were too controversial to one group or another.

    I’m sure his book will sell quite well.

  4. Landslides are not mathematically possible in this electorate. Three points, and 50.1%, would be a big win.

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