Exits: 51-48 Kerry Nationwide


According to Shafer's latest. Not that this is like crack or anything….

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  1. Kerry wins.
    How disappointing.
    Not that I’d be any happier with “four more years”, but I was hoping to drag this out till 2008

  2. Looks like the republic is saved.

    Unless fascist dictator Bush invalidates the election and calls out the death squads.

    Then again, no president is actually elected until the electors vote. Maybe Ashcroft will blackmail them all.

    I apologize for the childish gibes above.

  3. The Internet is no place for childish gibes!

    You peepee-head. You’re worse than Hitler!

  4. Kerry Up.
    Republicans Up in The Senate.
    Hope it holds.

    Ah, at least two years of sweet, sweet gridlock. Hooray!

  5. I’m worse than Hitler and I pee in my bed!

  6. If Bush does achieve 48% of the popular vote, that will mean his popularity has actually *increased* slightly since he ran against Gore in 2000. He got slightly under 48% that time around.

    It would be somewhat amusing if he ended up losing with a higher percentage of the vote than he won with originally.

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