Freudian Slip?


Talking head on CNN just said something like: "I think we'll know who's president either way by tomorrow morning, and we can either be angry or be sad… err, or be happy rather… but we'll know."

Probably closer the first time.

NEXT: DeShrillification?

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  1. No polls have closed yet but it’s looking strong for Kerry in the exit polls. I sure hope the GOP holds the senate.

  2. Instapundit seems to be suffering from a denial of service attack. Can anyone offer a backup link or soemthing?

  3. Damn Freudians and their frickin’ slips!

    Rick Barton,

    Believe it or not, I hope the Republicans hold on too.

  4. Rick, Ken, I am pulling for the GOP senators myself. Seems Daschle is hyperventilating in a paper sack right now.

  5. Maybe I’m just perverted, but I thought a Freudian slip involves sex in some way. Eg, “a hard man is good to find,” etc.

  6. I for one will be angry about Bush, sad about Kerry. (Are angry and sad really our only options?)

  7. Kerry is running behind how Gore ran in 2000 in a couple states. Things are looking up for Bush.

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