Didn't Karl Talk to Him About This?


He made a joke about scowling, so obviously Bush realizes he can't give any fodder to those who charge him with being "arrogant" or "petulant"—then he cuts of Charles Gibson. Good odds that ends up as one of the clips that get rerun on the weekend talking head shows.

Postscript: Yup, they're already rerunning that segment, though that alone probably won't hurt him much.


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  1. I gather from listening to the mini-tele down on the first floor from up here on the third, Kerry hasn’t been drinkin’ and is kickin’ major ass.

  2. Good odds you’re wrong.

    Time to go to the bathroom, Julian, you’re getting pissy already.

  3. I don’t particularly like the President, and that was hard for me to watch.

  4. Can I get a list of the leftist-leaning Reason staffers, and a list of the rightist-leaning staffers? That would make much of the sniping clearer.

  5. You can always check out the November issue; there’s a feature in which we all reveal how we’re voting.

  6. “that alone probably won’t hurt him much.”

    It’s not alone. It’s one and the same with the smirking and pouting and rudeness from the last debate (and with the later “Would you like to go first?” moment). Gore’s story from the front page about the girl with no desk at school probably wouldn’t have hurt him much, if it hadn’t fit the media narrative. How’s that for the faster principle – it took the press months to build the “Kooky Liar Gore” portrait the Bush campaign was feeding it, but it’s only taken a couple of weeks for the press to do it this time.

    BTW, Julian, that was the slickest plug I’ve ever seen in any medium.

  7. Julian, when can I expect that in the mail?

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