I know this is utterly frivolous, but my ears perk up every time he does it: I get where Bush picked up "nukyulur," but where did he pick up the habit of pronouncing "peninsula" in a Sean Connery accent?


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  1. I’m not paying close attention, so why did he say, “peninsula” anyhow?

    Was he referring to the Iberian or the Patagonian?

    Yeah, sure.

  2. He was trying to say give me a pencil.

  3. Let us not forget that since Bush has been in office “The Quality Air is Cleaner”!!! As for that non-quality air, well I guess it just plain sucks.

    It seems that the primary source of entertainment from these debates is Bush’s inability to speak publicly. Don’t forget about Poland!

    Need some wood!

  4. The only way to know: to ask him to say “Pussy Galore”

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