FDA-Approved Psychedelics


Wired.com reports on some recent moves on the Food and Drug Administration's part to approve clinical trials involving illegal psychedlics and empathogens. Currently, they report, Dr. Charles Grob is using psilocybin to try to treat anxiety in terminal cancer patients; Dr. Francisco Moreno is using the same drug, the most active ingrediant in psychedelic mushrooms, to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder; and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedlics Studies is sponsoring MDMA (ecstasy) tests on post-tramautic stress sufferers, all with FDA approval.

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  1. Considering some of the side effects of other drugs used to treat OCD, psilocybin looks delightful.

    ("psilocybin" is spelled wrong in the blurb.)

  2. They problem is they (the DEA) don't just had out Schedule 1 licenses, which are necessary to do research on schedule 1 substances like these. The ones who get the licenses are most likely pre-screened to be the type of person who will come to the conclusion that these substances don't have ANY medical benefit at all (they tried though!).

  3. I look forward to the day when I can get a 1/8 oz. of shrooms for $1 instead of $40. That, or legally grow my own.

    I have found them to be a highly effective remedy for depression when used appropriately.

  4. "I look forward to the day when I can get a 1/8 oz. of shrooms for $1 instead of $40. That, or legally grow my own."

    I'll second that!

  5. You guys need to find someone who'll give you a good price on a QP--maybe $50-$100. You've got to cut out the middleman. It's not $1, but it's a lot cheaper.

  6. Maybe these 'shrooms get test subjects so fucked up that they forget their problems.. which, to me, is totally legit therapy.. maybe they should include viewings of the Magical Mystery Show and long blocks of the Grateful Dead in the treatments.

  7. MAPS is having a fundraiser in Manhattan Friday night...Dinner/dance party...email valerie@maps.org for reservations.

  8. My take on all this (including the recent "Treating Pain" pamphlet by the DEA: covered by Jacob Sullum) is that the DEA has come to the conclusion (possibly only at the highest levels at this time) that chronic drug use is caused by chronic pain. DOH.

    The drugs in question are helpful with PTSD type problem. Exactly the kind of problems that are for all practical purposes untreated because the preferred treatments (by the patients)involve the use of currently illegal drugs - coke, pot, heroin.

    Some one at the DEA has decided that it has to get ahead of public perceptions - research is confirming that PTSD underlies chronic drug use. The DEA is trying to change its mission before it no longer has one.

    Another possibility is that the Army's current studies of PTSD has already returned preliminary results that point the way. In August it was reported that the Israeli's are using pot or pot extracts/chemicals to treat PTSD in its soldiers.

    Research is breaking down the old way of thinking: drugs cause addiction.

    Pain causes addiction is the new rule.

    I have been saying this for 2 years. Funny that the best reception I have gotten (if the indications are as I believe) is from the DEA.

    It is ironic to me that the legalization community still puts the onus of chronic drug use on the user (old thinking) instead of putting the onus on pain.

    Which just goes to show how immune to new thinking most people are even those who are pro-legalization.

    Chronic pain causes chronic drug use.

    I have seen that statement make legalizers just as angry as it makes the most ardent prohibitionist. Go figure.

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