Rocked By Rather


Via semi-defunct Web site Swamp City comes a timely reminder of and link to The Evolution Control Committee's fan-fucking-tastic 7 inch single, "Rocked By Rape."

Despite the salty title, the A-side is a series of Dan Rather soundbites from the CBS Evening News stitched together over a bunch of AC/DC riffs. The B-side, "Racked by Rope," explains how to sample, etc.

A great moment in DIY pastiche–and made even funnier by recent events.

Listen here.

When you hear stuff as good as this–stuff that really delivers on the promise of sampling, detournment, etc.–it somehow makes pop prototypes such as the execrable "Mr. Jaws" a little more worth listening to. (Please stop me when I lavish praise on "Disco Duck.")

The Reason story "Viewmasters: The audience's power over media's messages" took a long fun look at the way folks transform mass media into very different products.

And "Monster Mash-Ups" looks at "how musical collages are challenging traditional ideas of authorship."