Rocked By Rather


Via semi-defunct Web site Swamp City comes a timely reminder of and link to The Evolution Control Committee's fan-fucking-tastic 7 inch single, "Rocked By Rape."

Despite the salty title, the A-side is a series of Dan Rather soundbites from the CBS Evening News stitched together over a bunch of AC/DC riffs. The B-side, "Racked by Rope," explains how to sample, etc.

A great moment in DIY pastiche--and made even funnier by recent events.

Listen here.

When you hear stuff as good as this--stuff that really delivers on the promise of sampling, detournment, etc.--it somehow makes pop prototypes such as the execrable "Mr. Jaws" a little more worth listening to. (Please stop me when I lavish praise on "Disco Duck.")

The Reason story "Viewmasters: The audience's power over media's messages" took a long fun look at the way folks transform mass media into very different products.

And "Monster Mash-Ups" looks at "how musical collages are challenging traditional ideas of authorship."