"Only an idiot wouldn't like this," Sez Self-Described "Rich Witch"


Teresa Heinz Kerry lays down her own version of the Republicanoid line, "Either you're with us or against us". And she follows it up with a Martin Luther King-like cry to be judged not by the thickness of her wallet but on the content of her husband's policy proposals. In Amish country, no less! (And in the land of discount outlet malls, too!). To wit:

LANCASTER, Pa.—Teresa Heinz Kerry said Wednesday that "only an idiot" would fail to support her husband's health care plan.

"Of course, there are idiots," Heinz Kerry…told the (Lancaster) Intelligencer Journal….

If Kerry is elected, Heinz Kerry predicted that opponents of his health care plan would be voted out of office. "Only an idiot wouldn't like this," she said….

"I don't have to sell it—the people want it," Heinz Kerry said of the health plan. "The common man doesn't look at me as some rich witch. I talk about what I see. It has always been so. You judge people not by their pocketbook but by their actions. Walk the walk."

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