Pick A Candidate, Any Candidate


Check out Ron Gunzberger's Politics 1 Web site for an impressively comprehensive list of who is in the running for president this year, from Gene Amondson (the Concerns of People Party) to Bill Van Auken (Socialist Equality Party).

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  1. John Galt Jr. is running. It looks like the Libertarians have some competition.

  2. How ’bout that Personal Choice Party in Utah? Their platform sounds pretty libertarian … and they’ve got Marilyn Chambers on the ticket.

  3. I like candidate Jack Grimes, who
    “explains he wants to restore a New World Order based upon the governmental style of Imperial Rome ‘to institute a military dictatorship form of government over the Earth.’ Grimes believes that ‘the psychic is the next great step in the evolution of humankind on this planet.'”

  4. I clicked on Galt Jr, and saw Grimes underneath him. If you go to his ‘campaign site’ he tells you to:

    “I ask of you before you come into this site, leave your notions about fascism behind, because you probally have the wrong idea, fascism is much different than you think, so once again… dont bring those notions in here

    Jack Grimes ran for president in 2000 and placed in 6th place”

    News to me!

  5. They even list Sterling Allen, who is best known for:

  6. You can pick a candidate or pick your nose or scratch-n-sniff your ass.
    Most of my friends here would say, “None of the above!”
    I, the peaceful anarchist, says, “None, period.”

    The parade of athletes over in Greece on prime time now is bringing tears to my eyes.
    Look at that spectacle and ask if we need “World Government,” or no government at all.

    “Sport” and “government” are antonyms. Which do you ‘druther?

    “Sic semper sport!”

  7. Kip-

    The Communists have decided that they want Bush gone so badly that they won’t be fielding a candidate this election, instead opting to unofficially “declare” the Democratic nominee their candidate.

  8. It might be helpful for Mr. G. to post, along with candidate and/or Party names, the number of states in which the ticket will appear on the ballot, or at least an indication of whether or not the ticket could theoretically win enough electoral votes to take the White House in a two-way race. As far as I know, there are six at present:

    Badnarik (L), Bush (R), Cobb (G), Kerry (D), Nader (I), and Peroutka (C)

    Certainly, all six could be accommodated in Presidential debates without much problem. But of course, it is likely that we will only ever get to see the usual two.

  9. Dude. That American Party candidate is Serena Joy in disguise, I swear.

  10. The fascist finished sixth in 2000? Geez, I coulda sworn the fascist won that year…

  11. Those two guys on the Prohibition Party ticket look like the “before” picture in a Milk of Magnesia ad.

  12. That’s an interesting blend of power worship and New Age weirdness in Grimes’ fascist party, BTW. I guess he’s got the Church of Fandel’s endorsement.

  13. I googled for more info on that Personal Choice Party, and discovered this:


    Much as I agree with his “live and let live” approach to ideological purity/impurity, he’s running up against a paradox: In his desire to build a libertarian-style party that will tolerate dissent, he decides that the only way to achieve that goal is to splinter away and form his own party. I wonder if they’ll excommunicate anybody who insists on purity…

    I don’t claim to have iron-clad answers on how to build a third party (I have my ideas, but I could be wrong). Maybe the PCP (hah!) has the right idea. I’m just smiling at the mild irony of splintering away to show your opposition to the “purity patrol”. Oh, well. Takes all kinds, I guess.

  14. You know, the SP candidate actually has a pretty good bio/resume for a Presidential candidate.

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