Hit & Run

The Botox Candidate


Post-speech conversation at a Fleet Center-adjacent bar (quotes are approximate):

Welch: What did you think of the speech?
Philadelphia Delegate: I thought it was real good, real good.
Blair: Yes, but what about the terrible sweating? Did you see his chin? It?s a massive reservoir of perspiration!
Philly Delegate: Yeah, well, is it wrong to be passionate? Anyway, you'd think the Botox would have fixed it.
Welch: Wait a minute -- you're saying he did Botox?
Philly: Oh, he's the Botox Candidate.
Welch: But I thought the campaign has officially denied the Botox?
Philly: Look, the Botox Platform isn?t exactly going to play well in Ohio. "All right, I'm gonna give you health care, and fair trade, and ? Botox!" But he's been Botoxed for sure. Trust me on it.