Second Davio's Anecdote (or, Why Mitt Romney Is Such an Asshole)


Davio's lunchtime crowd today, in the words of one staffer, offered a little political "yin and yang" -- while Patrick Leahy was trading man-stories in one room, man-on-manophobe Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney held court in another. How were the parties different? Well, in the Democrat room, according to a source, the booze was flowing generously by noon. Romney, meanwhile, "made a scene" when a hapless Davio's waiter had the temerity to offer the guvnah some lunchtime wine. (Romney, in addition to being a rare Taxachusetts Republican, is also an even rarer Mormon ? leading two Masshole friends of mine, when chewing over this story, to simultaneously exclaim "Just how the hell did he become our governor?")