Ohio: Land of the Political Ad


All kinds of neat info packed into this USA Today clickable map of where the Bush-Kerry TV battle is being waged.

Through the end of June, Ohioans had already been subjected to some 33 thousand TV spots with a price tag of about $23 million. Just be thankful that you don't live in a "battleground" state, too.

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  1. I’m in Oklahoma and I’ve seen ads for both candidates. Apparently we’ve become a battleground state (or maybe the ads run in states beginning with “O”).

  2. I like living in a state where my vote for President doesn’t matter. It means that I can vote for a zero-chance third-party candidate without any fear of tilting the election toward whichever Republocrat I decide I hate most.

  3. It’s all relative in West Virginia because everyone’s related. ;P

  4. As an Ohioan, I believe that I have actually seen all 33,000 spots…

  5. There are so many reasons to be grateful for not living in Ohio, one sometimes doesn’t know where to start. But we’re not doing so much better with the campaign ads here in PA. I wonder why Kerry’s PA ads are so much cheaper than the average and than Bush’s, though?

  6. I haven’t seen any Kerry or Bush adds in Connecticut. That might be because it’s pretty much a given the state will go to Kerry. Or, it might be because I don’t watch much TV. 🙂

  7. Just heard a radio ad. Apparently John Kerry wants your children to take the morning after pill, and he voted against Laci Peterson.

  8. Dude, Kerry didn’t vote against Laci Peterson, he voted against protecting pregnant women. Its obvious to me that Kerry both hates America and pregnant women, and wants to see all the homosexuals get married and all children get raised in a single parent household.

    Hmmm, which to choose, Kerry who hates America or Clusterfuck Bush who gets better intel out of the National Enquirer? 🙂

  9. I live in Ohio. I’m George Bush and I approve…, I’m John Kerry and I…

    It haunts my dreams now, and we are still in July.


  10. 33,000 TV spots? Thank goodness for the “skip commercials” feature in my ReplayTV. 😉 I don’t live in a “battleground” state but I haven’t had to see a single political ad either. About all I ever hear is “…approved this message” and then the show I was watching comes back on. Is there an election or something coming up? Anything I should know about?

  11. West Virginia is a battleground state?! I guess it’s all relative..

  12. Neb Okla, you have some delusional friends.

    I personally would love to “pay as much taxes as poor people per dollar amount”, considering most poor people don’t pay any income taxes at all, and I already pay exactly as much as they do “per dollar amount” for FICA and Medicare. If Kerry would propose a tax cut that big, I’d vote for him. Twice.

    As for “80,000 maximun for those who make over 3 billion,” I would love to know where your delusional buddy got that idea.

    If anyone knows a Republican who wants to vote for Bush based on hallucinations of this magnitude, I would love to hear about it.

  13. Thank God I live in CA. Not a political ad in sight.

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