Shafer Defeats Miller


In the wake of Ahmad Chalabi's public dismissal, The New York Times is running today a self-criticism [free reg. req.] of its own string of stories that relied on inaccurate information from Iraqi defectors and their Pentagon handlers. (There may be some Jesuitical line of argument that will paradoxically cite this editorial history as evidence of the mainstream media's anti-Bush and antiwar bias, and I presume some ambitious blogger is even now crafting his brief.)

In its list of relevant stories [free reg. req.], the Times includes both original stories and followup corrections. By my count there are about 15 articles in the Gullible category, and of those, fully 10 were penned by fallen star Judith Miller. This provides a final vindication for Jack Shafer, who has been dogging Miller like Inspector Javert for nigh on a year now, and Shafer is not shy about taking a bow.