It's Not a Quagmire—We're Just In it for the Long Haul


Knight-Ridder reports:

Faced with a stubborn guerrilla war in Iraq; resurgent Taliban, al Qaeda, warlords and drug traffickers in Afghanistan; rising costs in both, and no clear way out of either, the Bush administration has begun soliciting more help from its European allies and the United Nations.

In Berlin this week, more than 50 countries pledged $8.2 billion in aid to Afghanistan over the next three years, far short of the nearly $28 billion that Karzai has said his country needs over the next seven years to recover from more than two decades of war and repression.

The United States pledged $2.2 billion to be spent next year, and aides said Powell had indicated that the United States would remain committed to Afghanistan for the long haul.

[Link via Rational Review]