You Know Things Are Desperate When …


According to the Israeli daily Maariv, Israeli police have a bizarre new way of preventing suicide bombings.

The police are going to begin implementing their plan to hang bags of swine fat in buses and other public places, in the hope it will deter suicide bombers from entering them…The suggestion is based on the fact that Islam, like Judaism, regards the pig as an unclean animal. Strict Moslem tradition holds that any Moslem who touches a pig before dying will be denied access to heaven.

What about those observant Jews within proximity of bags, won?t they be offended? Apparently not, because a rabbinical permit has been issued endorsing the measure. Rabbi Eliezer Moshe Fisher of the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court warned:

[I]f the police do not use pig fat in buses, tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews will arm themselves with spray guns filled with liquid lard, which they will spray on terrorists whenever the need arises.

No doubt the suicide bombers will be able to elicit fatwas, or religious decrees, of their own permitting them to carry out the bombings, despite the presence of the bags.

And on it will go…