Hitler. Now More Than Ever.


If you're interested in the two anti-Bush ads featuring Hitler that were posted briefly to Moveon.org as part of that group's efforts to unseat George W., you can check out the scripts over at the Republican National Committee site. And here's a link to one of the ads (requires Quicktime and takes a while to start, even on a fast hookup).

Those ads are contemptible--and would have been hugely ineffective in persuading anyone. They're so ludicrous and tone deaf, if J. Edgar Hoover was still running the FBI or Nixon in the White House, you'd almost suspect them of being plants.

The ads were created in response to a contest organized by Moveon.org. For a rundown about the contest that generated the ads, and to see the finalists actually selected by Moveon.org, go here. And for a list of celebrity judges who will decide the winner go here.