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From Newsday, via Drudge:

A Brooklyn cop is being investigated for Internet postings in which he brags about beating suspects, writing phony tickets and ignoring calls to his precinct.

The officer, identified by Internal Affairs investigators as a patrol cop who works in the 75th Precinct, uses the pseudonym "Brooklynbacon" and posts his messages on a site accessible through

Alongside pictures of motorcycle trick riders, naked women, photographs with comical captions and pictures of human oddities, he posts messages supposedly about his job and, in some instances, his own misconduct. Any one of the offenses he describes could cost him his job.

Even for a bad cop, it sounds too dumb not to be a hoax. Does anybody know? Here's his site. (free reg required.) A sample entry:

Last night, I pulled up in the middle of a illegal import car race and I attempted to write a ticket but what was I really thinking of? An illegally parked Honda Civic saw me approaching and "took the fuck off". I sat there for .05 seconds and realized that this guy just took off on a me. WTF?

So I decided to chase him for the next 25 blocks, 4 major intersections, and 6 red stop lights into the next adjoining precinct. Not too bad..

Is it too much to ask the NYPD to invest in some faster patrol cars? I was driving the Chevy Impala wishing I was driving the Ford Crown Victoria with the Police Interceptor package instead. However, to wish and get, is obviously 2 different things with the NYPD.

To make a long story short, my partner suggested I terminate the car pursuit before someone innocent get hurts because "I wanted to write a parking ticket". A innocent human life is worth than a $150 "No Parking Anytime" ticket belive it or not.

Maybe for Christmas, I will ask Santa to install missiles, oil slicks, and machine guns onto the patrol car like the game "Spy Hunter". Or should I carry some extra bullets in case I let some rounds go "by accident"?

And here's a little message for the 2 Afro- American males inside the Black Honda Civic hatchback with Pennsylvania license plates, there will be another day and next time I won't be hesitant to ram your vehicle from behind.

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  1. Jason: regarding libertarian police – the first example that comes to mind is the writer Janwillem Van De Wetering, who joined the Dutch police force (not entirely willingly – the Dutch government basically told him “Join the police, join the army, or go to prison”) because he thought the idea of being an anarchist police officer was good for a laugh. I get the impression that the Dutch police back in the 1970s were a lot more laid-back than American police of today, though.

    Also, look up Sheriff Bill Masters of Colorado; he seems to be one of the few visible libertarians in today’s police.

  2. Jason Ligon and Ruthless,

    Your comments on the authoritarian subhumans who are too often attracted to the uniform, remind me of “Dim” in *A Clockwork Orange*. “I don’t want you should call me Dim no more. Officer call me.”

    Given the fact that both this guy and Vincent Volpe (i.e., the plunger guy in the Louima case) were only caught because they were stupider and more boastful than most, it makes me wonder how many guys are doing exactly the same thing who DON’T get caught because they have enough sense to attract attention and “ruin it” for everyone else.

  3. Kevin,
    What you say almost brings a few drops of moisture to my sphincter.
    Recall I live in the ‘hood, but I’m about as invisible as a white guy can be. In case of emergency, I have a black Do-rag at my fingertips to slap on my punkin’ haid to help me blend. That’s after I’ve run the cop gauntlet.

    Joshing… it ain’t that bad. At least, not for me.
    But, I surmise, Kevin, that the less elusive and slippery do, indeed, have something to fear.

  4. Spy Hunter rules!

  5. Yeah, Spy Hunter rocks.

  6. the playstation remakes suck, however.

  7. If I was a cop, I would demand to have spikes come out of my hub-caps.

  8. …or semi’s filled with upgrades every 200 feet.

  9. A good friend of mine has had an on again, off again career in law enforcement. He has distinct libertarian leanings, and has found, predictably, that most police aren’t sympathetic to libertarian notions.

    He is torn between wanting to put away really dangerous people (the need to Do Something Important and Otherwise Help People) and the job as performed by a majority of its workforce, which involves using appearances to determine who a ‘scumbag’ is and finding a way to harrass them. Oh, and don’t forget the whole notion of QFL.

    Add to this the distinct suspicion on his part that the only reason laws are as bad as they are is that they aren’t enforced against white suburban kids (esp. drug laws), and you have a frustrated guy. He wants to make the laws go away by enforcing the rules on everyone, but he doesn’t want to harm people who aren’t really hurting anyone else. He wants to put away real bad guys, but would be forced to operate in a context of people who are on a power trip or want to get rid of ‘undesirables’.

    Are there any libertarian leaning police out there who have found a way to manage this conflict?

  10. Jason,

    Thanks for your post. Would you mind explaining the acronym “QFL?”

  11. I ran into the term while said friend was in the academy. I think it formally stands for ‘Queer For Lights’, and it refers to the type of officer who does the job in such a way as to maximize the use of his light bar, siren, flashing his firearm, and so on. People respect you when you can throw them in a cell, so if you act like A Cop, you will just be reminding people how much respect you deserve. The guy who wrote the bit Mike posted was a classic QFL type. I need bigger cars, bigger guns, blah blah blah.

    Unfortunately, I have the distinct feeling that I have heard exactly this type of thing before, and I have no doubt both that it happened and that such a guy would want to thump his chest about it in public.

  12. Whenever I think of cops this way I recall an old Playboy cartoon that shows two big sweaty torturer guys in leather in a dungeon.
    One says to the other, I finally found a profession where I can take out my aggression in a socially acceptable fashion.

  13. Sounds like a pure fantasy to me. But I am reminded of a minor New Hampshire politician who made repeated posts to a local newsgroup advocating the murder of police officers. Somehow this went on for a long time without having a noticeable public effect, and I wondered if it was someone else using his name. But eventually his posts made the newspapers, and his political career came to an abrupt end. He wasn’t arrested or prosecuted, since his rants were too vague to constitute criminal incitement, but nobody wanted to be near him after that.

  14. The cops in my city walk around, and ride their bikes around, the neighborhoods, maintaining a presence so that little old ladies can walk down to the corner store without being afraid of getting their throats cut. Kevin, what the hell is wrong with that?

  15. C’mon, half the people beaten by the police deserve it! This Hero Police Officer should get a promotion.

  16. JASON: Are there any libertarian leaning police out there who have found a way to manage this conflict?

    SinC: We are up to almost 1000 members at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

    Quite simply, we believe that by changing the laws and ending the so called Drug War that police would have upwards of 25-50% more of their time available for working on public service and also on protecting the public against crimes on persons/property….most notably, drunk driving and domestic violence.

  17. In response to the comment about the war on drugs. I worked on two online courses that focused on domestic violence: violence against women (for professionals) and violence against women (for consumers) and it did demonstrate a higher risk factor for domestic violence when substance abuse was involved.

  18. EMAIL:
    DATE: 01/26/2004 04:24:54
    It is only the most intelligent and the most stupid who are not susceptible to change.

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