Al Jazeera Fights the Fat


This Al Jazeera headline provides more evidence that the West is winning hearts and minds in the Middle East:

Obese at greater risk from prostrate cancer

How else to explain everyone's favorite Arab news service reporting on such a quintessentially Western obsession as obesity and its various possible health effects? Who knows, pretty soon they'll even hire a better proofreader who will note that it's prostate cancer, not prostrate.

We'll know the Rubicon–er, the Tigris?–has been crossed when Al Jazeera runs with this related story.

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  1. I like the studies cited in the last article. Gentlemen, tell your ladies that if they won’t blow you for your sake, they should at least do it for their own sake… 😉

  2. I printed off a 100% legit article which showed that guys who ejaculate at least 5 times a week are at a significantly reduced risk of prostate cancer. After the wife stopped laughing she bought me an industrial sized can of KY

  3. Now that’s taking things in hand.

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