Cop blogger gone wild


From Newsday, via Drudge:

A Brooklyn cop is being investigated for Internet postings in which he brags about beating suspects, writing phony tickets and ignoring calls to his precinct.

The officer, identified by Internal Affairs investigators as a patrol cop who works in the 75th Precinct, uses the pseudonym "Brooklynbacon" and posts his messages on a site accessible through

Alongside pictures of motorcycle trick riders, naked women, photographs with comical captions and pictures of human oddities, he posts messages supposedly about his job and, in some instances, his own misconduct. Any one of the offenses he describes could cost him his job.

Even for a bad cop, it sounds too dumb not to be a hoax. Does anybody know? Here's his site. (free reg required.) A sample entry:

Last night, I pulled up in the middle of a illegal import car race and I attempted to write a ticket but what was I really thinking of? An illegally parked Honda Civic saw me approaching and "took the fuck off". I sat there for .05 seconds and realized that this guy just took off on a me. WTF?

So I decided to chase him for the next 25 blocks, 4 major intersections, and 6 red stop lights into the next adjoining precinct. Not too bad..

Is it too much to ask the NYPD to invest in some faster patrol cars? I was driving the Chevy Impala wishing I was driving the Ford Crown Victoria with the Police Interceptor package instead. However, to wish and get, is obviously 2 different things with the NYPD.

To make a long story short, my partner suggested I terminate the car pursuit before someone innocent get hurts because "I wanted to write a parking ticket". A innocent human life is worth than a $150 "No Parking Anytime" ticket belive it or not.

Maybe for Christmas, I will ask Santa to install missiles, oil slicks, and machine guns onto the patrol car like the game "Spy Hunter". Or should I carry some extra bullets in case I let some rounds go "by accident"?

And here's a little message for the 2 Afro- American males inside the Black Honda Civic hatchback with Pennsylvania license plates, there will be another day and next time I won't be hesitant to ram your vehicle from behind.