Additional Elven Fu


Blame him, he started it. I dare you—make that a triple dog—to listen to music samples from these folks and not wonder if the whole freedom thing hasn't run off the tracks.

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  1. HUHZAH! Someone took a wrong turn at the Ren-Faire!

  2. Oh, my God! That’s just nasty!

    They didn’t just make a wrong turn, they drank the koolaid as well.

    (The music sucks also).

  3. now that I can’t get that awful music out of my head and those wretched images out of my eyes, I MUST KILL YOU!

  4. Okay, fess up. What’s the gag. C’mon, seriously . . . this can’t be for real, can it? Please God tell me this isn’t legit!!!!

  5. Wow, that really sucks, but it doesn’t suck as much as the Laci Peterson tribute music:

  6. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

  7. OK, I’ll be the one to submit myself to the lions and say that I didn’t think it was that bad. A lot of the music I listen to has similar ideas and images, just done… oh, how to I say it constructively… less “hokey” perhaps?

    This is kind of important to me because of my experience in the last 4 years or so. I have a friend who’s life mission is to find as much much as he can and spread it to as many people close to him as possible. Some of what he’s introduced me to is simply unbelievable. But more importantly, a lot of it is stuff that I think is capable of resonating with those who believe in freedom. And lest I put out the wrong image of myself here, I am a slightly-right leaning libertarian.

    If you want a better example of the musical style these guys are going for, I would suggest Afro-Celt Sound System (Vols 2 or 3 are their best, IMO). More generally, there’s a lot of stuff out there saying things that are similar to this, but more obviously pertitent to freedom-lovers, and not as cheesy to endure. I urge caution against judging too much based on this one track and/or band.

    Now that I’ve been a wet blanekt, time to go back to my rave. The system is down, the system is down…

  8. Maybe you haven’t heard the rappin’ of Quickbeam and Bombadil.

  9. That picture of the nekkid chick on the giant armadillo freaked me out. Those things are quite likely to be carrying Hansen’s disease, so she could get leprousy in a pretty nasty place.

  10. I’ve heard worse (like rap, disco, and techno)….Of course, I LIKE pagan music, although for now I think I’ll stick with Heather Alexander and Blackmore’s Night.


  12. I’m impressed. You may have just made a sale for them. Maybe even a bunch of sales by the time I’m through spreading the word.

  13. Yes, the CD would make a great gag gift, or maybe a quick and effective “interrogation tool” in the War on Terror.

  14. If you don’t like elvish music, there’s a swedish band that does orcish music:


    I felt I could poke fun at this cuz I actually own a Best of Strawbs collection. Go find some if you think you MIGHT like this kind of stuff….


    I felt I could poke fun at this cuz I actually own a Best of Strawbs collection. Go find some if you think you MIGHT like this kind of stuff….

  17. The guy in the lower right has to have one of the gayest mullets on record

  18. And of course, there’s the “trollish” music of Finntroll

    All we need now is for some straight-edge vegan band to start playing “Ent-core”, and we’ll have music for every race of creature in Lord of the Rings.

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