Edwards of Arabia?


When it comes to Saudi Arabia, million-dollar payoffs, and Washington politicians, extreme scrutiny seems to me no vice. Still, this weird weekend news about perfect-haired presidential candidate John Edwards may just be a coincidence:

WASHINGTON -- While he was a member of the congressional investigation into U.S. and Saudi intelligence failures, Sen. John Edwards agreed to sell his home for $3.52 million to the public relations expert hired by Saudi Arabia to counter charges it was soft on terrorism. [?]

Though the sale broke off nearly a year ago, Edwards hasn't returned or publicly disclosed [the buyer's] $100,000 deposit, which remains in a real estate escrow account while the senator decides what to do with it. Edwards recently sold the house to another buyer for a half-million dollars less than [the buyer's] offer.

Edwards' office isn't having any conflict-of-interest whispering:

"It is bizarre and outrageous that a contract dispute with a total stranger would become a source of wild speculation and international intrigue. Only in Washington."

(Link via John Hood)