U.S. Backs U.N. Clone Ban


The United States, which had no use for the United Nations when comes to making war, finds that international institution very useful as a forum for establishing a global ban on all types of human cloning, including research aimed to producing transplantable embryonic stem cells. By the way, the National Academy of Sciences issued a report two years ago that found that as many as 100 million Americans could one day benefit from adult and embryonic stem cell treatments.

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  1. Even more than 100 million if we clone enough.

  2. Even more than 100 million if we clone enough.

  3. Even more than 100 million if we clone enough.

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  5. Aside from possible errors and that whole Frankenstein’s Monster kind of thing, I really don’t see what is wrong with cloning people. Assuming that you had a 100% error free opportunity to clone humans, what would be so wrong with it?

  6. Ban clones, and kill half the twins, too.

  7. One must love that Bush administration multi-lateralism. *chuckle*

  8. Isn’t it ironic that our President is the father of a pair of clones?

    Damn Luddites, it riles my Libertarian sensibilities to hear of government banning anything, but this is so obviously myopic and driven by primitive superstition that it drives me mad…

    Okay, I feel better sort of.


  9. If clones are outlawed, only outlaws will have clones.

  10. Bush’s daughters are actually fraternal twins, two eggs, two different sperm. It’s the identical twins that are the freak clones. And what really gets me is when I meet identical twins, I can never tell which one of them has the soul.

  11. I don’t think its possible to tell.

  12. D.A., what would ST stand for?

    When people start cloning ireespective of the law, the governement will “need” a new agency to handle detecting clones.
    Out of nostalgia and as a tip of the hat to sci-fi, I suggest calling them Blade Runners, not unlike when NASA called one of its shuttles “Enterprise”.

  13. chthus,

    What makes you think that the E.U. will ban animal research?

  14. It appears that public sentiment and legislative actions will move the EU towards a total ban fairly soon (next decade or so). This is the impression I get from various articles I’ve read and discussions I’ve had with researchers currently or recently based in various EU countries.

    EU introduces total ban on animal testing for cosmetics


    EU introduces total ban on animal testing for cosmetics


  15. I’m curious how most people who are against cloning also feel about organ transplants. Seems to me the issues, at their logical conclusions, are morally equivalent.

  16. the world is over-populated anyway.

  17. It may be, tom, but most of us seem unwilling to leave.

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