We Don't Wear Muslim Hijabs in Muskogee


Like beads and Roman sandals, they won't be seen.

Update: If you'd like to read an informed legal analysis of this conflict, as opposed to a couple of smart-assed allusions to an old country song, visit Eugene Volokh's site.


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  1. Time to move, Tim. I hear Baltimore’s got some nice neighborhoods, too.

  2. That is a funny anecdote, but it’s still true that construing a hijab as “gang apparel” is asinine.

  3. I’ll take the smart-ass allusions, thanks you very much.

    And I’m quite sure that a hajib is going to be confused as part of “gang apparel.” I f I had a dollar for everytime I’d seen a mugging by Muslim school girls … I’d have two dollars.

  4. Not as wild a surmise as you seem to think. I live across the street from OJ’s alma mater, Galileo High School. One morning after the school bell has rung and the students are supposed to be off the street, I’m strolling from my apartment south on Van Ness Ave., speeding up to pass a quartet of fly girls-one in a hijab, the other three bareheaded-who are sauntering slowly in the same direction. As I’m almost past, Hijab looks around and says, “Oh FUCK, here he comes,” and the four girls scatter, trying to hide in doorways. A cop car speeds to and halts beside me, and out comes a guy with El DeBarge hair whom I’ve recognized on previous occasions as the local truant officer. He brings up the rear as the car rolls forward, blocking the girls’ rear and aft escape routes. As the truant officer herds the fly girls together, I hear them, Hijab included, complaining and badmouthing him in words unfit for a family publication.

    So I’m not trying to equate cutting class with mugging, but clearly the hijab is no talisman against bad-girl behavior.

  5. El DebBarge hair. Schweeeeeet.

    If Dad really wants to get this rule thrown out, point out to Principal Cleatus that forbidding hijabs in school is official policy in France.

  6. anon,
    I don’t think the school was claiming that a
    hijab could be confused for gang apparel, but
    rather that the rule was made to curb gang apparel,
    and an exception won’t be made for any particular
    religion. I presume they do not allow the students
    to wear yarmulkes either, even though a gang interpretation
    would be equally rediculous.

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