Let's get this straight, Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting often comes from some bizarro Earth places. But this bitch slap of Bill O'Reilly is the real deal.

I caught the tail end of the Spinmaven's assertion that the Los Angeles Times did not pursue Bill Clinton's various 36-28-38 skeltons and figured Bill had hired Rush's housekeeper. FAIR tracks down the facts which show the LAT was all over Troopergate like Arnold on a body-double.

But there is one relevant difference O'Reilly's absurd claim blows past. Clinton's Little Rock actions were as the top law enforcement officer of a state, something which could—and in fact did—presage his behavior as commander-in-chief. Say what you will about Arnold's behavior, but he did not use the power of the state to grab boobies.

(via Sam Smith.)