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New at Reason: The pissing competition over the BBC's biases is enough to make Chuck Freund shoot his telly.

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  1. I personally stopped reading the BBC because of its dodgy coverage of footy – however I follow the british press from afar and everything I’ve read from the excellent lefty Independent to the excellent tory Telegragh, guardian, etc. squarely put the blame on new labour and the blair government, not the BBC. While the BBC does not come away clean from the affair in any case – at least a government run media is trying to stick it to an obviously lying, cheating, spinning government — can you imagine mcneil/leher (which one retired?) at PBS doign the same? hardly

  2. Side not to SPUR. Tottenham ain’t got a chance, mate.

  3. Side note to SPUR. Tottenham ain’t got a chance, mate.

  4. No organisation is perfect and the BBC is just as likely to make errors as anyone else. Sensationalism such as Blackout Chaos is disappointing but having said that I find the BBC to be pretty neutral overall.

    I take issue with Mr Freund on a couple of points though:

    “For many, the BBC has abandoned its once-celebrated efforts at neutral news narratives, especially in stories involving the United States, and has instead adopted a moral “meta-narrative” in which Americans consistently play the role of villain.”

    It doesn’t occur to Mr Freund that maybe the rest of the world sees the US in this way as well? It’s the combination of pre-emptive strikes against opponents who might launch pre-emptive strikes, new research into nuclear weapons after threatening other countries who are developing nuclear weapons, refusal to join the international court and a host of other reasons which are all valid and perfectly in America’s interest, but which give the rest of the world the willies… It tends to cloud judgement.


    “What makes the BBC’s behavior particularly heinous,” said Davis, “is the relentless indulgence of its penchant for what might be politely termed ‘moral equivalence’ at a time when Britain is at war with a brutal enemy and its servicemen are dying on the battlefield.”

    This is the 21st century. Just because some suit in an office has decided to invade another country does not mean we lose our ability to think. We were not attacked, we were not defending ourselves in any way – the initial dossier the PM received even highlights the fact Saddam was no threat at all – even if you agree it was worth removing Saddam. The idea that just because a leader decides to do something all his followers have to slavishly agree does not agree with any management course I’ve ever been on.

    The world has moved on. The BBC isn’t perfect but it’s still one of the most honest news sources on the planet. It has my vote any day.

  5. Can’t say I use the BBC for footie, these days Sky has bought the rights to most of the matches…. and I don’t have sky!

  6. Given the BBCs “debunking” of the Pvt. Lynch rescue, I tend to view the BBC as crappy.

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