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Plastic has the story of a new "reality" game called Kuma: War, which uses real footage from the current Iraq war to create its gaming environment. The company promises that this will provide "fun with a capital 'F.'"

No word yet whether the "fun" will include today's car bomb attack on UN headquarters in Baghdad.

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  1. Looks to me like a marketing-based attempt to be topical, controversial, and “edgy”. The “Real Footage” is likely nothing more than intermission clips, as the screenshots look like pretty standard First Person Shooter stuff. Possibly they’ve tried to develop scenarios and settings based on actual events. I’m skeptical that they can or will do very detailed research of such things. All-in-all nothing that there hasn’t already been handwringing about in the context of the “America’s Army” game.

  2. Meh…
    This looks more like the developers are attempting to hype the game by adding “contoversy”. The screen shots available are on the very not impressive side of things, and absolutely pathetic compared to Half-Life 2 or Doom 3 . Looks like someone attempting to generate a quick buck.

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