Traficant Speaks!


For those who have missed the colorful congressman since he went to jail, check out this purported letter from him. Prison hasn't changed him a bit, God bless 'im.

[Link courtesy of Thomas D. Walls III]

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  1. It’s good he’s in a place where he can be watched 24×7.

    I wonder if he hears voices from god, or wears a tinfoil lined hat to keep the alien voices away.

  2. Libertarian litmus test:

    A) “We need respectable politicians, instead of the embarrassing crackpots who make up the LP.”

    B) “If only we had Jim Trafficant in our corner! He’s awesome!”

  3. He’s so friggin’ guilty it hurts.

  4. Does anyone have Traficant’s prison address? I think he’ll get a Christmas card from me this year.

    But to compare this guy to Chomsky? Chomsky’s lies are much worse because they have the air of credibility to them due to his being a professor? Traficant’s just a crackpot who was lucky enough to get elected to Congress and probably stayed there due to a noncompetitive district. (Speaking from guesses, not knowledge of the specifics.) Once the “D” was pulled from his name on the ballot, he lost. Or maybe it was just because he was in prison.

  5. Yeah, but, what did his hair have to say? Or did it get it’s own cell?

  6. James, didn’t you forget to post anonymously?

    Harry, thta brings to mind images of that Simpsons halloween episode, with the mind-controlling hair transplant…

  7. Geophile: He was trying to be clever. The James T link points to a “stop prison rape” web site.

    He (the poster) is probably pissed off because once Traficant was removed from office by the little white mice in their little white coats his paycheck dried up, and he’s had to go to work for a living. It really sucks working the graveyard shift at the local stop-n-rob doesn’t it?

  8. Why exactly do people get so exercised over Traficant?

  9. Not bad. But for me, nothing will beat the time when Traficant assailed his opponents for hating him because he (in his own words) looked as if he cut his hair with a weed-whacker.

  10. The populist nut Traficant may sound like a broken record, even from jail (this does sound like him), but he is very adept at pointing out IRS abuses, how horrible Janet Reno was, etc.

    Well, a broken record is right at least twice a year.


  11. Oh damn, I didn’t get the joke at first. Now they’ve removed the post. Fascists. I was wondering where REASON’s censorship threshold was. Profanity should be tolerated here. In light of the post’s fecetiousness, it was relevant to the topic.

  12. I know you’re sprung geophillic, sprung on my love towel! But you must wait your turn *tongues geophillic’s pee hole as his pre-cum drips out all the while pumping lil’ Billy O:P*

  13. You can watch Tom & Gary, but you’ll never know my Powahhhh !

  14. This is getting stupid.

  15. Not sure what he means by “love towel,” but that picture of the New York Linux Users Group he linked to is genuinely hilarious.

  16. Don’t miss this great tribute to Traficant:

  17. Wasn’t Traficant from Youngstown? I’ve never met a sane person from there yet.

  18. EMAIL:
    DATE: 01/26/2004 03:38:44
    A little nothing goes a long, long way.

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