USA PATRIOT Act Strikes A Blow Against Terrorism…


…by threatening PayPal over selling its services to online gambling operations.

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  1. “Internet gambling is not legal in the United States.” Right, that’s why the casinos are overseas. The bigger question is where does the gambling take place: at your computer or overseas? The answer to this may come from the supreme Court’s pending porn decisions, which will have to define the community for community standards. Does the porn occur at your desk, or elsewhere?

    I’m a big fan of PayPal. The internet was designed to sustain nuclear attack; one hopes it can survive our government.

  2. What where’s the fawning over our beloved John Ashcroft?

    I thought you libertarians loved this guy.

  3. “You killed me.”

    “Er, what?”

    “Internet gambling supports terrorists.”

  4. That link sends me to an ad, with no reference to any article.

  5. Thanks for pointing out the problem, which I have corrected.

  6. Reminds me of when RICO statutes, intended to attack organized crime, were used to go after the Los Angeles Police Department and anti-abortion groups.

  7. Hmmm. Paypal seems to cancel their accounts with vendors for political reasons.


    Now certainly, they are within their rights to choose who they want to do business with, but they should not be holding on to other people’s money for 6 months when they close accounts.


  8. The problem is now PayPal’s owned by Ebay which isn’t going to jeapodize it’s huge operations just for an online-payment system.

  9. Presumably you can still gamble online using your credit card. Are they going to go after VISA and Mastercard next?

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    DATE: 01/20/2004 04:26:01
    Some things cannot be taught, only discovered.

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