Postwar Iraq


Halliburton is withdrawing from the postwar barbecue bid, while stressing that it "remains a potential subcontractor for this important work." According to the AP, "Officials of the Houston-based company would not say whether the decision was related to questions of favoritism and cronyism concerning the firm."

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  1. The speed with which Cheney got Halliburton to revise its status is a tribute to:
    1. How much control he retains over that company.
    2. How conscious they are of the essential shadiness of the whole process.

  2. I’ve no doubt that Cheney wields considerable influence at Halliburton still, but does he wield the kind of influence as VP over the bidding process? Halliburton is a large, well-run company that is capable performing services confidently and efficiently enough to submit a low bid. The otential conflict of interest is obvious, and this decision of theirs is probably for the best, but if Halliburton can do it, why throw it all into the hands of a potentially less-capable firm all for the sake of looking good for a world in whose eyes we already look bad? I guess it would only confirm Europe’s misguided opinions if we let them stay in. Oh well.

  3. geophile,

    There are a large number of equally qualified companies that can do the same work. Why everyone keeps on saying that “only Haliburton” can do this work is beyond me.

  4. I’m sure there are lots of companies that can do it, the point is that there’s a lot that Halliburton can do, which saves the government from having to hire a bunch of smaller firms instead.

    I’m sure if Cheney had actually been in a position to oversee the bidding process, he would have either publicly recused himself, or asked Halliburton not to bid. He’s a former CEO for chrissake, he’s clearly capable of coming up with a more devious plot than the one being alleged.

  5. WHAT? I thought this all was a War for oil? now you are also saying that the “end game” is near? no quagmire vietnam now? Is Reason going HAWK and Right-Wing?

    guess I will have to start hanging out at and and indymedia to get my daily dose of crack-pot pro-IraqiState proganda. you have gone foxnews on us.


  6. “Potential subcontractor” eh? If I know my public contracts cronyism, that means some company run by differently-abled lesbians of color will bid for the contract, and then subcontract the whole thing over to Halliburton.

  7. Read the part in bold here.

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