Let the Good Times Roll!


Ongoing war, double-dip recession, mysterious new diseases spreading. Alas, March is not going out like a lamb.

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  1. Lessee . . uh . . . what are the Four Horsemen? War, Pestilence, Famine. . . Death? (I guess he rounds up the guys the first three miss or something).

  2. Nigeria’s oil production is collapsing too.

  3. It’s Clinton’s fault.

  4. Lefty’s right.

  5. It thought it was South Dakota’s fault?

  6. Its San Andreas Fault

  7. Lefty,
    Oh please, what you call “do-gooders’ excesses” I call graft, corruption, and oppression. Far from being an effective brake, the right has been a co-conspirator all along. That’s what makes Bush (and just about every other politician) so awful – the betrayal of the issues he campaigned on. Tax cuts don’t help much when you’re engaging in unrestrained deficit spending at the same time. Bush could pay for this war, and his tax cuts by eliminating the department of agriculture, department of education, and a thousand other bureaucratic institutions of waste, fraud and abuse that shackle the freedom of the people. But the truth is the right is exactly the same as the left, it’s all about money/power, and they can never get enough of it.

  8. Blame Canada.

  9. Seriously, isn’t it about time these guys take a little responsibility for this crumby situation? The Bushies control all three branches of government and have buffoons running the opposition party. Yet both domestic and foreign policy is in a shambles.

    My own observation is that the right serve as excellent backbenchers, acting as an effective brake on do-gooders’ excesses. They can’t govern worth a damn, though.

  10. can’t top that!

  11. So what are YOU doing about it, Lefty? Sitting here in front of your PC spouting inanities, or are you (finally) going out there and begin making a difference for yourself and your kids.

  12. Thank you for my comeuppance, Mr. Edison.

    I have worked as a fundraiser for three different Democratic campaigns. I have door-knocked, attended rallies and stuffed envelopes. I vote.

    I trust you do something similar, no matter your political leanings.

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