The First Casualty of War Is…



Jerry Haleva, 2000:

Q. Isn't that a little weird, that all these people in Washington want pictures of Saddam Hussein? What do you make of that?

A. I think Americans—especially Americans—like to find humor in all things. And that's particularly true with things that are horrific. If you look at tragedies that occur, we try to move quickly to jokes about them.

Jerry Haleva, 2003:

[S]ome things are no longer funny. My physical resemblance to Saddam may well be one of them

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  1. Anyone remember Vaughn Meader? No? Didn’t think so.

    To paraphrase Lenny Bruce, Jim Haleva is screwed.

  2. er, Jerry.

  3. I would have to agree, parody, satire, and in general humor seems to be dying. When the Challenger blew up, there were dozens of good jokes, first gulf war, same deal. Now with Columbia, and Gulf War part deux, nothing.

    Is the humor gone because we’ve been there, done that, or has political correctness taken over. Unfortunately, I believe that humor has become a casualty of the new millenium.



  4. I remember Vaughn Meador. I may even still have one of his (or his only? record around somewhere. I thought it was funny, but some folks thought it disrespectful of the Kennedys.

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