One More Thing to Scare the Hell Out of You


It is evidently not enough that Pakistan and India are clashing over terrorism. Both have just tested nuclear-capable missiles. Wonderful.


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  1. well, we could get some spotted owls to inspect their weapons stores… or have the un do it…


  2. (not sure what the comment above was trying to say- Environmentalism is to blame for nuclear proliferation? The UN should be omniscient/omnipotent? )

    However, I can say I fully support India’s and Pakistan’s efforts to precipitate the eschaton- keep up the good work, guys! 🙂

  3. hey Sir real:

    yeah. a bit obtuse. the connection (i won’t say “thought process”, of course) was between the UN inspections that some felt would solve iraq, the PETA people (in the article below), and general wackiness.

    off to sit in the corner.


  4. You don’t have to sit this one out- I was just genuinely confused. Thanks for clarifying.


  5. Yeah, just one of the countless variables in this mess. Russia, North Korea, Iran, Israel, Russia, Turkey, the Kurds, various Muslim factions in and around that area, Russia, China and, as stated, India and Pakistan. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few.

  6. You said “Russia” 3 times. You must REALLY like Russia (obscure “Blazing Saddles” reference).

    regarding the Indians and Paks, let ’em at each other. Sounds like a little population control to me.

  7. nice blazing saddles reference!

    you have to remember, steve, that these renegade regimes would stop at nothing: not even stampeding cattle through the vatican.

    now wash your hands to get the charring off of them and give some gum to everybody!


  8. Other countries had “the bomb” for years, why is it a problem now? Because now we have the Bush Doctrine, allowing a pre-emptive strike whenever one country thinks that five years down the road it will be harder to deal with another country.

    Applying our U.S. standards should justify either Pakistan or India whacking each other out. We’re leading the world in excusing and justifying first strikes.

  9. drf:


  10. So countries have the bomb. So? You got a problem with THAT?

    Why should it even matter? Go see “The Core” tonight, and you’ll realize it won’t make one damn bit of difference how we go.

    (In case you’re laughing at the sci-fi of it — well, it ain’t. Scientists are dumbstruck at the uncanny coincidence of the Hollywood version of REALITY, even as we speak.)

  11. From Mountain Goat: “Other countries had “the bomb” for years, why is it a problem now? ”

    Um, maybe because some people from, let’s say, Al Queda might be trying to get ahold of some of these bombs & send them into the New York’s harbor? Might be a problem, don’t you think?

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