Speaking of POWs…


Iraq has yet to account for some 600 Kuwaiti prisoners, mostly civilians, missing since the first Gulf War 12 years ago. This has not been an entirely forgotten issue in the region; the effort to keep the matter alive even includes a recent music video portraying Kuwaiti prisoners and their families.

Technically, the issue is before the U.N. Security Council, which received a report three years ago calling the matter "a humanitarian tragedy which needs [the] highest attention of all parties involved and concerned." It being a pressing matter before the U.N., nothing happened.

Iraq has had nothing to say on the matter since 1998, and the regime didn't have much to say before that, either. It denied having the prisoners, arrest records notwithstanding, and suggested that Kuwaiti officials try to find the missing POWs. Given its direct support of coalition efforts against the Iraqi regime, Kuwait may be said to have accepted the invitation.