Civil Liberties

Quotes and Source



"I said God might speak to the world through a burning Bush….I thought it was funny."

— Richard Humphreys, defending himself in court in September 2002 against charges of threatening to kill or harm the president. Humphrey's comment, made in a bar near Sioux Falls, South Dakota, just before President Bush's visit there, won him 37 months in prison.

"We weren't portraying stereotypes. It was pretty much of a Southern show created by Southerners—a wonderful piece of Americana. Good guys always won; nobody got hurt. Very healthy, positive, ennobling heroes in fact."

— Former U.S. Rep. Ben Jones, D-Georgia, who also played Cooter on The Dukes of Hazzard, defending that show while criticizing likely stereotypes in a planned reality-TV version of The Beverly Hillbillies, in a Jan. 7 Crossfire interview


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