Civil Liberties

25 Years Ago


"Since the case for foreign aid is regarded as axiomatic, either progress or lack of progress can be used to argue for more—the first as evidence of success, the second as evidence that more must always be done."

— P.T. Bauer, "Foreign Aid Hasn't Worked …And It Never Will"

"In a tribal society, there are no individuals as such and thus no individual rights."

— Jeffrey St. John, "Washington Witch Doctors"

"The great advance of western political philosophy, at least since the time of Vlad the Impaler, has been the acceptance of the notion that society is better off being oppressed by a single great criminal so powerful he cannot be resisted, than to be oppressed by a normal assortment of petty crooks who could be kept off with a vicious dog."

— Davis E. Keeler, "Support Your Local Counterfeiter"

"Waste is energy consumed by people who vote incorrectly."

— Alan Reynolds, "The War on Energy"