Foreign Policy

Quotes and Source


"Freedom is a con. It's a sales tactic to sell capitalism."

— British Islamist Mohammed Kureishi in the November 23 Washington Post

"The notion of 'lifestyle correctness,' founded largely on narcissistic health ideals, has come to shape the direction of people's lives in ways which once characterised the power of formal religions. In place of faith in the creeds and tenets of the established church, we now follow slavishly the equally false promises of the health promotion professions…"

— Peter Marsh, lecturing "In Praise of Bad Habits" at the Oxford, England, Social Issues Research Center in November


Anyone who complains about a paucity of perspective in U.S. media need only look online. For those who'd like to know how immigrants from Afghanistan and its neighboring countries are sizing up the war, check out the Voices That Must Be Heard project. The site offers translations from New York-based South Asian and Middle Eastern papers.

Interested in a primary- source approach to U.S. foreign policy history? George Washington University's National Security Archive retools the historical record by evaluating government documents, many newly released to the public.