Publisher's Notes



We are pleased to announce the addition of another distinguished contributing editor. Thomas Szasz is professor of psychiatry at the State University of New York at Syracuse. Szasz has long been the leading advocate of ending involuntary commitment of people with psychological problems. He first came to national prominence with his challenging book, The Myth of Mental Illness in 1961. His numerous subsequent books include Law, Liberty, and Psychiatry (1963), The Manufacture of Madness (1970), The Second Sin (1973), Ceremonial Chemistry (1974), Heresies (1976), and his two newest—The Theology of Medicine and Psychiatric Slavery (both 1977). Szasz has written previously for REASON (January and April 1974) and was interviewed in our October 1974 issue.


Charles Koch of Wichita, Kansas has recently acquired Libertarian Review. LR's editorial offices have been shifted to New York where Chuck Hamilton has been named publisher and Roy Childs, Jr. becomes editor. LR plans to revise its format and to publish on a monthly basis. Koch has also helped organize Cato Institute, which plans to publish a biweekly magazine, Inquiry, edited by Ralph Raico and Bill Evers. Inquiry will aim at obtaining a left-liberal readership, and plans to begin publication this fall.

A healthy libertarian movement is well served by the existence of many high quality publications. We wish LR and Inquiry well in the battle for freedom.


With increasing frequency we at REASON receive requests for recommendations of qualified people, with a libertarian orientation, to fill specific job openings. In just the past month these have included positions of research director of a county taxpayers association and staff counsel for a House subcommittee. We would like to be able to recommend people for such jobs—but despite our broad contacts around the country, it is usually difficult for us to come up with the right person.

We are therefore setting up the Reason Skills Bank. It will function as a referral service, linking up job-seekers and those with openings to fill. If you are a professional who might be interested in a challenging new job—economist, lawyer, writer, researcher, teacher, etc.—we'll enter your resume in the Skills Bank for just $1.00 per year. On receipt of your dollar and resume, we'll send you a classification questionnaire to assist us further in ascertaining your preferences. Employers using the Skills Bank will be charged $1.00 per referral and a $10.00 finder's fee in the event a person from the Skills Bank is hired. Write to REASON Skills Bank, Box 40105, Santa Barbara, CA 93103.


The biographical information given last month about REASON's new art director, Don Wood, inadvertently garbled his educational background. It should have stated that Don received his B.A. in art from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and a Masters of Fine Arts from the California College of Arts and Crafts.