Publisher's Notes


• LUDWIG VON MISES, R.I.P.: Distinguished economist Ludwig von Mises, dean of the Austrian School of economics, died on 10 October, after a long illness. He was 92 years of age. Mises was the author of numerous books, including his magnum opus, HUMAN ACTION. A professor of economics at the University of Vienna for many years, Mises left Vienna in 1934—just before the Nazi take-over of Austria—and after teaching in Geneva, he emigrated to the United States in 1940, and taught at New York University for a quarter-century, retiring in 1969.

Long well-known in Europe, Mises ranks with Adam Smith as one of history's leading defenders of the free market. His former faculty colleague at New York University, Dr. William H. Peterson, said of Mises in the WALL STREET JOURNAL on 12 October 1973:

He opposed the planned society, whatever its manifestations. He held that a free society and a free market are inseparable. He gloried in the potential of reason and man. In sum, he stood for principle in the finest tradition of Western civilization. And from that rock of principle, during a long and fruitful life, this titan of our age never budged.

• NEW CORRESPONDENTS: We are pleased to announce the addition to our masthead of two additional foreign correspondents, adding to REASON's worldwide coverage of the prospects for liberty. Representing Guatemala is Fernando Linares, who will cover the scene in Central America. And from Norway we welcome Ole Jacob Hoff, former editor-in-chief of FARMAND, one of Europe's leading pro-freedom periodicals. In addition, the position of Canadian correspondent has changed hands. Replacing William Westmiller (who has moved to the U.S.) is Peter Keerma of Don Mills, Ontario. Mr. Keerma writes for OPTION, a Canadian libertarian magazine, and is temporary secretary of the Canadian Libertarian Party.

• SPECIAL BOOK ISSUE: Early next year REASON will publish a special issue discussing and reviewing some of the most important recent books dealing with liberty and related topics. Some of the books to be reviewed are John Rawls' A THEORY OF JUSTICE, David Friedman's THE MACHINERY OF FREEDOM, Harry Browne's HOW I FOUND FREEDOM IN AN UNFREE WORLD, Thomas Szasz's THE SECOND SIN, and Richard Taylor's FREEDOM, ANARCHY, AND THE LAW.

• REASON REPRINT: Another REASON article has been reprinted. Several thousand copies of Dennis Chase's article "Up From Journalism" have been reprinted for in-company use by Dow-Jones, Inc., publisher of financial information including the weekly BARRON'S.

• BOOK REVIEW: Editorial assistant M.L. Zupan's review of H.B. Acton's excellent THE MORALS OF MARKETS was published in the October issue of THE FREEMAN, published by the Foundation for Economic Education, Irvington-on-Hudson, NY 10533.

• SPRING FINANCIAL ISSUE: In the spring of 1974 REASON will publish a double-size issue devoted to practical advice on personal financial survival, in an era of ever-increasing taxation, inflation, and the looming threat of depression. Editor for this special issue will be Robert Meier, a graduate in finance from Northern Illinois University. The issue will cover such topics as silver options, gold futures, nonmetallic commodities, foreign tax havens, investor psychology, future government monetary and fiscal policy, etc. Contributors will include (as of this writing) Robert Bleiberg (editor of BARRON'S), Eugene Guccione, J.M. Cobb, Wainright Dawson, Prof. Yale Brozen, James Davidson, and David Friedman. Also included will be an exclusive interview with Donald Hoppe, author of HOW TO INVEST IN GOLD COINS, and HOW TO INVEST IN GOLD STOCKS AND AVOID THE PITFALLS. This special issue will be available to subscribers at no extra cost. Note: Advertisers should reserve space in this issue now, to take advantage of the current low rates. We anticipate a far larger circulation than usual for this issue.

• COMING NEXT MONTH: REASON's January issue will feature Dr. Thomas Szasz' provocative challenge to the ACLU's position acquiescing in the involuntary commitment to mental institutions of the "mentally ill." Also scheduled for next month is REASON's long-awaited registry of university faculty members who teach courses of interest to students of Libertarianism.