Life After Liberation: Triumph and Tragedy in South Africa

"This government—our government—is worse than the apartheid government."—Archbishop Desmond Tutu, winner of the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize.

South African voters are headed to the polls this week for the fourth national election since 1994, when Nelson Mandela was elected president after the end of the apartheid regime.

Their country represents epic history in our lifetimes. After a decades-long struggle against brutal, state-run racial segregation, the black liberation movement emerged victorious in the early 1990s. Led by the transcendent figure of Mandela, South Africa swiftly dismantled the apartheid apparatus and, defying dour predictions of a bloody race war, peacefully transitioned to majority rule. Mandela’s government ushered in pluralistic democracy on a continent long-defined by colonialism and autocracy. State officials established remarkably robust constitutional protections for individual rights.

Black South Africans would finally be afforded the economic and social opportunities they’d been denied for so long.

Or so everyone had hoped.

Two decades later, Mandela’s promise of renewal has largely gone unfulfilled as Mandela's party, the African National Congress (ANC) has maintained its huge electoral majority. The beautiful dream animating the South African experiment is crumbling amidst ongoing corruption, violence, and failed economic policies. As Nobel Peace Prize recipient Desmond Tutu has said of the current regime, "This government—our government—is worse than the apartheid government."

"Life After Liberation," directed and hosted by Rob Montz, details the role played by political monopoly in South Africa's post-apartheid decline. The documentary shows how the ANC has grown corrupt and complacent—and how widespread resentment of the ruling political class is now fueling the rise of a populist demagogue, Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters, who is pushing precisely the sort of Mugabeist socialist policies that have ruined so many other African countries.

About 10 minutes.

Produced, written, and edited by Rob Montz. Camera by Josh Swain.

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  • ||

    Well that was depressing.

  • Swiss Servator, CH yeah!||

    I expected 'murican to show ASAP.

  • steedamike||

    A female African-American co-worker of mine recently went on vacation to South Africa. She came back so depressed. On top of the corruption, racism is still rampant. A lower class black woman asked if she could immigrate to the U.S. but as a Mexican instead of an African. The amount of ignorance and low self-esteem in that sentence floored me.

  • Libertopian||

    Racism as in the widespread racially motivated murder of whites by blacks? Because I hear there's been quite a bit of that. Or does that not count?

  • cerihd638||

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  • ||


    What is wrong with being a Mexican immigrant?

    I like Mexican Immigrants...probably the only people left in this country who want to work.

  • Just Sayin'||

    You can have civilization, or you can have equality. But nobody has both for long.


    I havent' watched this, but I'm just going to assume = RACIST

  • Alice Bowie||

    Perhaps they should just bring back apartheid.

  • politicsbyothermeans||

    Alice Bundy has a nice ring to it.

  • Homple||

    What is this "liberation" of which you speak?


    ""This government—our government—is worse than the apartheid government."—Archbishop Desmond Tutu

    Tutu? I thought that was Cliven Bundy.

  • straffinrun||

    True dat

  • buybuydandavis||

    My understanding of the situation is that Tutu's sentiments are widespread among black South Africans.

    Racism isn't the only evil in the world.

  • The Immaculate Trouser||

    Where's Bo to tell us how racist it is to criticize the pro-gay, racially tolerant Republic of S Africa?

  • ||


    Is Bo Joe's sockpuppet?

  • GamerFromJump||

    Forget it Nelson, it's Africa.

  • Mt low rider||

    Winner, winner, Mugabe dinner...if they can't fathom the disaster that Mugabe has been there is no hope for those folks. I sure hope not.

  • Stephdumas||

    There's a guy named Wiekus Kotze had joinned Malema... is it a case of Stockholm syndrome?

  • NickName||

    Let's see...such people as Nelson Mandela are born once in a century. Hope they could avoid apartheid or some sh@t like that

  • AD-RtR/OS!||

    Instead of The Dark Continent, Africa should be called The Constant Continent, as it seems their motto is "One Man, One Vote, One Time"; or is it "Meet the New Boss - Same as the Old Boss"?

  • Brutus||

    If South Africa descends into anarchy, the rest of sub-Saharan Africa starves.

  • OldMexican||

    "This government—our government—is worse than the apartheid government."—Archbishop Desmond Tutu

    "Oh, he's black."

    ".... Uncle Tom!"


  • ||

    A hard left opposition party member does call someone a "house nigger" in the video.

    I think he is talking about a person in Mendela's party.

  • WDATPDIM?!||

    I think he said "house Negro." But the point's the same.

  • Banjos||

    Ok, which one of you was whittling in a McDonald's parking lot in Abilene, TX?

  • ||

    Oh shit!!!

    Wasn't me...but i am wearing a reason t-shirt.

    Is that how you identified the person as "one of you"?

  • Virginian||

    Nelson Mandela was able to use his cult of personality to restrain the brutality and violence from breaking out, as it has in every single other African nation following majority rule.

    He's gone now, and it's only a matter of time before a SA politician whips up hatred of the minority in order to distract from the continuing economic and social problems of SA.

  • buybuydandavis||

    See neighboring Zimbabwe for details.

  • Virginian||

    See neighboring Zimbabwe

    I'd rather not.

  • Cytotoxic||

    it has in every single other African nation following majority rule.

    That's not true. Bostwana never had that. Bostwana is awesome, oodles of HIV aside.

  • Virginian||

    I stand corrected. I wonder what could account for Botswana's success?

    The constitution prohibits the nationalization of private property and provides for an independent judiciary, and the government respects this in practice.
    The government has maintained a sound fiscal policy, despite consecutive budget deficits in 2002 and 2003, and a negligible level of foreign debt. It earned the highest sovereign credit rating in Africa and has stockpiled foreign exchange reserves (over $7 billion in 2005/2006) amounting to almost two and a half years of current imports.

  • Cytotoxic||


    I think the Free State Project messed up-Bostwana, not NH should have been chosen but as I typed that I realized I don't know how gun rights are handled in Bostwana.

    Their president is openly gay and I'm pretty sure Mugabe don't like him. There was talk of Bostwana 'doing something' about him several years ago. They really should-a confluence of a SA ruled by a Malema-type and a Zimbabwe still under Mugabe or Mugabe-type rule would be a threat to Bostwana. Intervention time!

  • OneOut||

    Hell, they are run better than the old USA of A

  • ||

    Botswana is rather atypical in that it is 1. basically run by De Beers and 2. a democracy only in the sense that it technically has elections (every president since independence, all of whom have been repeatedly elected in landslides, have also been the hereditary kings of the Tswana people).

  • Michael Ejercito||

    Sadly, Jews have historically been easy targets of this hatred.

  • RishJoMo||

    Come on man, lets roll that beautiful bean footage.

  • Swiss Servator, CH yeah!||

    Oh no, anonybot - you shan't distract us THAT way!

  • ||

    who is pushing precisely the sort of Mugabeist socialist policies that have ruined so many other African countries.

    Good news everyone.

    In a few years we will get another example of why socialism always fails...and we will be called racists for saying it.

    Good times are coming.

  • Cytotoxic||

    I am not at all afraid to say that while Apartheid was evil SA democracy was a big mistake they need a Pinochet-style dictator to take power.

  • WDATPDIM?!||

    Wasn't there some other country where the underclass was liberated from authoritarian rule, only to become subjected to a much more brutal single-party government?

  • OneOut||

    WDATPDIM?!|5.10.14 @ 7:11PM|#

    Wasn't there some other country where the underclass was liberated from authoritarian rule, only to become subjected to a much more brutal single-party government?"

    Well maybe.

    But only one.

    And they just had the wrong TOP MEN in charge.

  • LizzyMikezbuk||

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