"Go Topless Day": What We Saw at the 5th Annual Protest

Should women be allowed to take their shirts off in public?

On Aug 26, dozens of activists descended on the nation's capital to protest unequal treatment of men and women when it comes to going topless in public.

Will the protest - which is organized by the Raelian movement - accomplish anything more that "lots of Googlin'" (in the words of one observer)? Take a look for the yourselves.

About 2.30 minutes. Produced by Joshua Swain; interviews by Lucy Steigerwald.

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For more information on the topless movement, go here.

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  • John||

    I posted pics of this the day it happened. Red head in the black dress. So Lucy, was the red head in the black dress fame a hired model or just the one really pretty women who showed up?

  • RBS||

    Post that link again since reason chose to censor everything.

  • shamalam||

    Yeah, WTF, why all the pasties?

  • ||

    Probably so they could post this on Youtube. I know it has policies about what can be shown.

  • Pound. Head. On. Desk.||

    This is a good link for the redhead and the protest.


    A friend who was there said of her, "In the Land of the Nasties the solid 7 is queen." I've always had trouble rating women, especially redheads (mainly because I seen a redhead run half the scale inside one morning), but I'd put her better than that.

  • mr simple||

    She really seemed to enjoy the attention.

  • ||

    How effective could this event be with the same three women seemingly in every picture?

    Still. The red head is red hot.

  • trig||

    Thank you!

  • trig||

    Wow.. if she would just lose the nose ring...

  • Auric Demonocles||

    And she turns out to have a nice voice too....

    I'll be in my bunk.

  • PapayaSF||

    Indeed, what a doll. Uncensored pics of her, please.

  • PapayaSF||

    Is it unlibertarian to want a "Flag as spam" button?

  • Name Nomad||

    Breasts wouldn't be a big deal if they were typically exposed. In conservative Muslim countries where women are expected to remain completely covered, the nape of the neck and ankles are sometimes seen as highly sexual parts of the body.

    An old girlfriend of mine said that she didn't understand what men see in breasts; they're just milk bottles for babies. With regular exposure, men probably would see them -- mostly -- the same way.

  • Xenocles||

    I doubt it. Aren't breasts indicators of fertility and reproductive health and therefore likely to be attractors regardless of cultural treatment?

  • SKR||

    Yeah, big breasts have been a symbol of fecundity since the dawn of time.

  • seguin||

    I thought the earlier peoples tended to concentrate on the thighs/crotchal area. You know, like the Hottentot Venus and whatnot.

  • Copernicus||

    Men are not turned on by breasts... Men are turned on by playing "motorboat".

  • Pound. Head. On. Desk.||

    Or by playing "windshield wiper."

  • Ken Shultz||

    Um, honestly, I think about 'em sometimes even when they're covered. Regular exposure wouldn't make me think about them less.

    Also, they're no snowflakes. Every one of them's different. And the fact that there are two of them? That's awesome.

    Point is, regardless of whether they're covered or nor, whatever reaction people have to them shouldn't be the problem of the woman who has them.

    I used to know this woman who wore nothing but bikinis. She lived next door to a friend of mine for years and years. Neither one of us ever saw her wearing anything but a bikini--every day, all day.

    She wore a bikini when she was watering her lawn. She wore a bikini to the supermarket. She wore a bikini to the bank. She never wore anything--that anybody ever saw--that wasn't a bikini. It used to bother some people--mostly my married friend's wives...

    But it never stopped her from wearing her bikini. And that's the way it should be. If you have some kind of aesthetic or emotional reaction to what I'm doing? That's your problem. Leave the bikini girl or the bare breasted women out of the solution. Let 'em do what they want...

    That's what separates us from the Taliban.

  • Ken Shultz||

    Oh, and incidentally, whoever make the decisions at H "AND" R? There's another donation in it for you as soon as you fix the preview button.

  • ||

    Regular exposure wouldn't make me think about them less.

    I will stop thinking about them only when I am dead.

    However, Warty's moobs might be a reason to pass a law pertaining to men.


  • Eduard van Haalen||

    "Leave the bikini girl or the bare breasted women out of the solution. Let 'em do what they want...

    "That's what separates us from the Taliban."

    Really? Because there are laws against public toplessness for women - that is the whole point of the protest.

    Does that mean we're morally equivalent to the Taliban? The logical next step is to execute people for converting from Islam to Christianity, to close women's schools, to kill gays by collapsing stone walls onto them?

    My only question is - since we've had these laws for centuries, when do we start acting like the Taliban? Or has the evil potential in these laws simply remained dormant for over 300 years?

  • mad libertarian guy||

    Though not the same as a beheading, I'd say that even arresting a woman for showing her ta tas is pretty fucking barbaric. And that shit happens here in the good ole USA.

  • Eduard van Haalen||

    So it's like the Taliban?

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    Well, the impetus is the same. American views on modesty are shaped by Abrahamic religion, just as the Taliban's are. The difference is degree.

  • Xenocles||

    So is the difference between steam and ice.

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    Yes, but the difference is not as great on the Kelvin scale.

  • Xenocles||

    "Yes, but the difference is not as great on the Kelvin scale."

    Um... what? Even if you change from F to K, only the number of steps is different. The change in energy is the same.

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    Um... what? Even if you change from F to K, only the number of steps is different. The change in energy is the same.

    Oh, stop being so literal. What are you, the Science Taliban?

  • Xenocles||

    Ah, the Jon Stewart defense. Very good.

  • ||

    Yes! It's "like" the Taliban. Just a matter of degrees.


  • Heroic Mulatto||

    I didn't say that. I said the impetus was the same. Where do you think Western views on modesty come from? Do you deny the influence of Abrahamic thought on the West? In the Pre-Christian era, public nudity was barely worth a raised eyebrow. Gymnasium is Greek for "Place of Nudity".

    Fortunately, for us, we've had the Enlightenment to pull us away from a such a strict interpretation of Abrahamic thought. Afghanistan? Not so much.

  • Eduard van Haalen||

    Only Abrahamic religion can explain why not everyone is on board with public toplessness?

    What about public nudity? Why is the evil Abrahamic religion preventing this latest frontier in Enlightenment?

    And I would be interested to know about the public-decency laws in non-Abrahamic countries like China. I am genuinely curious as to what these countries do in the absence of the insidious Judeo-Christian influence.

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    Only Abrahamic religion can explain why not everyone is on board with public toplessness?

    I didn't say that. If you continue to argue in bad faith, I won't engage in discussion with you.

    What about public nudity? Why is the evil Abrahamic religion preventing this latest frontier in Enlightenment?

    Because our cultural norms of modesty stem from Abrahamic ideas, ever since God cursed Ham for seeing his Dad, Noah naked while hungover.

    As for "evil", you're putting words in my mouth again. Have I stated that public nudity was a good or bad thing?

    And I would be interested to know about the public-decency laws in non-Abrahamic countries like China.

    Other religions have their own views of modesty. Indeed, Buddhism and Hinduism frown upon public nudity, whereas in Jainism public nudity is a requirement for their clergy. I would say the East is even more strict about nudity than the West. That the West is more permissive is due to the Greco-Roman acceptance, and even celebration, of the nude form. This sub-layer of our culture is so strong that it survived the important of "Eastern" values of modesty through the acceptance of Abrahamic religion.

    Simply a historical observation. I place no value judgement.

  • Eduard van Haalen||

    Forgive me for misinterpreting your statement:

    "Where do you think Western views on modesty come from? Do you deny the influence of Abrahamic thought on the West? In the Pre-Christian era, public nudity was barely worth a raised eyebrow."

    But it certainly seemed you were saying that, until the Abrahamic religions came along "public nudity was barely worth a raised eyebrow" and afterwards it was tabu. You can say it's "bad faith" for me to interpret that literally, but that says more about you than me.

  • Eduard van Haalen||

    And I find it *extremely* difficult to imaging how someone arguing in good faith could actually compare these laws to the laws of the Taliban.

  • Eduard van Haalen||

    And pardon my skepticism, but I don't buy your professed nonjudgmentalism when you claim that laws against toplessness are derived from the same impetus as the Taliban. I call bullshit, and find it extremely difficult to engage with you when you employ such tactics.

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    And pardon my skepticism, but I don't buy your professed nonjudgmentalism when you claim that laws against toplessness are derived from the same impetus as the Taliban

    So you deny that the three Abrahamic faiths share a common cultural origin? Do you also deny that the philosophy behind all three faiths views on modesty stem from the shared belief that humans were created in the image of the Divine?

    Pointing out a commonality between the viewpoints behind the laws doesn't mean that the laws are morally the same.

    For example, in Afghanistan and here, theft is against the law. In Afghanistan, they probably cut your right hand off as a punishment; whereas here, we usually put the person in jail. The punishments are different, but the origin of both laws from the "Thou shall not steal" commandment that is shared between the Abrahamic faiths, yes?

  • Eduard van Haalen||

    All you said just now seems more or less fair. Yes, the modesty thing does come from an idea of humans created in the Divine image.

    I admit it set me off when you said I was acting in bad faith - I invite you to look a the passages which I allegedly interpreted in bad faith and decide for yourself if it's possible to interpret them the way I did. You certainly seemed to suggest that it was the religions of Abraham - not other influences - which caused at least the West to go from not caring about nudity to being all hung-up about it. I of course defer to you on your interpretation of what you meant, but I won't apologize for initially taking a fairly literal interpretation of your remarks.

    What also set me off was several people - yourself apparently included unless I'm mistaken - who pulled the equivalent of a Godwin in order to suggest that it's in some way Taliban-like to ban toplessness.

    At some point, a difference in degree becomes a difference in kind.

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    You certainly seemed to suggest that it was the religions of Abraham - not other influences - which caused at least the West to go from not caring about nudity to being all hung-up about it.

    Well, yes, that's what I did mean. But you don't have to take my word for it. Read what the Hellenistic Greeks thought about the Jews and their uncomfortableness with being naked at the gym. (In Classical Greco-Roman culture, a man was not considered fully "nude" unless he was erect with the glans of the penis exposed. As Jews were circumcised, they were mocked by the Greeks due to this.) Read what St. Augustine had to say about the Roman view of Christian modesty.

    What also set me off was several people - yourself apparently included unless I'm mistaken - who pulled the equivalent of a Godwin in order to suggest that it's in some way Taliban-like to ban toplessness.

    Nope, just Ken said that. I was just pointing out some cultural and historical commonalities. But as I said before, I do believe the Enlightenment helped temper the Western viewpoints in that it brought back the Greco-Roman appreciation of the nude form (although with a lot more fig leaves).

  • Eduard van Haalen||

    Of course there was a lot of pagan immodesty, and the Jews and Christians criticized it. But I'm interested in the translation of "gymnasium" as "Place of Nudity" - by implication, that would indicate that some public places were *not* places of nudity. For example, I am not familiar with anyone going nude to petition the Emperor. And I am not aware of anyone (except Caligula's horse) being nude in the Roman Senate.

    So the quarrel between the pagans and the Jews and Christians was over the existence of certain *exceptions* where immodesty was flaunted - the gymnasium, the Bacchic rites (so I hear), the stone penis statues on which young women were expected to deflower themselves, etc.

    The pagans had an elaborate system of tabus and exceptions to tabus. They were not going around in the *agora* or the forum on ordinary occasions with their dangly bits and boobs flopping around.

  • Fluffy||

    Just about every culture up to about 700 AD had clothing appropriate to its climate. And nothing more.

    The moral issues and "dignity" (intentional quotes) issues surrounding clothing were superimposed on top of rough necessity.

    Tropical cultures utterly lacked the nudity taboos of temperate cultures. And these were people who were technologically able to make clothing, and certainly had taboos of their own (so it wasn't as if they were "too primitive" for our nudity taboos).

    After 700 the neat lines start to break down due to non-assimilitive migration (things like Hun trousers being imported into the Med basin, where they weren't climactically appropriate, on the basis of the military culture associated with them). Obviously that really picked up after 1450.

    But climate came first. Don't pretend that there's anything more sophisticated to it than that. And don't pretend that there are any genuine moral issues associated with it at all.

  • Eduard van Haalen||

    The Mediterranean basin under the pagans was plenty warm, and it would have perfectly feasible for Senators, in the spring and summer months, to go down to the Senate chamber in their birthday suits. And it would have been tougher to conceal those daggers with which they were always stabbing each other. But they wore those confining robes, anyway.

  • Fluffy||

    Actually, Eduard, most farm and fishing labor was done in the nude, even when done by free men, and even during the early Republic when such labor was directly undertaken by members of the Senatorial class.

    The toga was ritual wear. Senate meetings took place in temples.

    The tunic (basically a long t shirt) was day to day wear. It didn't actually do a whole lot to conceal your junk from sight. The literature of Republican Rome is full of references to the size of the members of prominent Roman politicians - things that were notorious precisely because any time they sat down on days when they had no ritual reason to wear the toga, there was a good chance their dick would wiggle in your face.

  • Eduard van Haalen||

    That is very interesting.

  • ||

    Simply a historical observation. I place no value judgement.

    Our species came out of an ice age with virtually no hair. Me thinks the taboo of covering up predates Abraham.

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    Our species came out of an ice age with virtually no hair. Me thinks the taboo of covering up predates Abraham.

    I'm only referring to a specific culture here. All around the world, there are tribes in the tropics that spend their entire lives butt-naked.

  • np||

    for the East it depends mostly on what time period. Japan during the Edo period and (basically before American trade) for example. And China prior to Confucianism was quite a bit more open about sexual matters from what I understand

  • Death Rock and Skull||

    Joey, did you ever hang around a gymnasium?

  • Ken Shultz||

    Theoretically, women aren't responsible for how people react to them here in the U.S.

    Some Americans are like the Taliban in that way, but for those of us that aren't?

    Not holding women responsible when men misbehave in reaction to their sexuality is what separates us from the Taliban...

    Geez. Didn't think I had to spell all that out on a libertarian board.

  • RBS||

    I wonder what is more likely to happen, the boobies are set free or the gov't takes Red Bra Guy's suggestion and forces men to cover up?

  • Ken Shultz||

    A society where women feel as comfortable as possible is in the best interest of everyone except sex starved housewives with no lives of their own.

    Seriously, the people who are against women showing their breasts in public mostly aren't bible thumping guys. They're other women. Women tend to enforce the dress code in the office, too.

    Women dress both in competition with other women, but they dress in conformance with other women, too. It's women that have led the charge on this stuff--going back to Victorian times...

    You know what it is?

    It's rent seeking!

    Rent seeking women who can't pull the look off are looking for the government to give them a hand in keeping the competition down. They're rent seekers is what they are!

    Just let the breasts do what they want.

  • sasob||

    Seriously, the people who are against women showing their breasts in public mostly aren't bible thumping guys. They're other women. Women tend to enforce the dress code in the office, too.

    Good point! Something similar occured to me: Most women don't have particularly attractive breasts; they wouldn't feel very comfortable topless amongst those who do - not around men anyway.

  • ||


    MLG, make sure to see the Tyr/Moonsorrow/Korpiklaani tour if you can. It was a complete and utter fucking blast. Make sure you get to the venue early enough to see Metsatoll, too.

  • burnt||

    Korpiklaani is awesome, I don't know shit about the other two.
    WIll have to check them out.

  • Fluffy||

    Actually, most blue laws are holdovers from a time when we were, in fact, pretty much indistinguishable from the Taliban, albeit with different loci to our insanity and authoritarianism.

    My only question is - since we've had these laws for centuries, when do we start acting like the Taliban?

    We're moving in the opposite direction; these laws are just some of the last holdouts. That doesn't change the impetus behind the laws.

  • Joe R.||

    I need an excuse for why my particular anti-freedom idea is OK, and that excuse is "well, it's not as bad as the Taliban." When you come on and make statements like "That's what separates us from the Taliban," it reignites my cognitive dissonance, and I don't like it.

  • Ken Shultz||

    This really seems to have gotten way off track from what I said...

    As far as the Taliban are concerned, if a woman is wearing something even slightly revealing--and subsequently gets raped? Then they think that's the woman's fault.

    Libertarians don't think that way. Some of my neanderthal fellow Americans think that way to one degree or another, but not thinking that women are responsible for men's misbehavior?

    That's what differentiates us from the Taliban.

    If my fellow Americans on the other side of this argument don't want to be compared to the Taliban? Then there's an easy way to avoid that...

    Don't act like the Taliban.

    Hope that cleared things up.

    Jeez. It isn't a woman's fault if you can't pay attention to anything but her because of the way she's dressed. That's your problem to solve. I see a hundred women blading down the strand every weekend wearing little more than they feel comfortable with, and the reason they do that? Is because the people on the strand have come to the understanding that whatever reaction they have to what those women are wearing is their own problem--not the foxy ladies'. Every time I go out on the strand, I thank God so many people learned to control themselves...

    It's what separates us from the Taliban!

  • Death Rock and Skull||

    The ankles are not sexual?

  • ||

    they're just milk bottles for babies.

    Plenty of mammals produce milk very few have breasts.

    Breasts are a product of sexual selection....like peacock feathers.

  • ||

    Indeed. If they're "just milk bottles", why do lots of women pay good money to enhance the appearance of their milk bottles?

  • Ken Shultz||

    Why do lots of women pay good money to enhance the appearance of their milk bottles?

    Those aren't milk bottles.

    They're lies!

  • ||

    I agree; they're false advertising, artifice, cheating, cozenage, craftiness, crookery, cunning, deceit, deception, dishonesty, dissimulation, double-dealing, dupery, duplicity, fakery, foxiness, fraud, guile and wiliness.

  • Ken Shultz||

    they're just milk bottles for babies.

    They're a promise.

    A promise of hope.

    They can turn a frown upside down.

  • sasob||

    they're just milk bottles for babies.

    Yeah, jugs. Hm. Who was it said a woman's breast is the coldest, hardest rock a man ever laid his head on?

  • Killazontherun||

    Your friend does not understand what we see in tits? This will explain all.

    A one way ticket to midnight!

  • Sanjuro Tsubaki||

    Why was she an "old" girlfriend of yours? Did you get tired of her breasts?

  • ||

    Geez, I am still having to log in each time I post or refresh the page. What a PITA. I am using safari and recently cleared my cache and reset safari....that is when it started.

    I have had the "Nekkid means sex I dont care what you say!" / "No, dumbass it doesnt" argument a thousand times in person. I have been skinny dipping/hot tubbing many times and sex didnt enter into it. On the other hand, I have been laid numerous times while completely dressed.

    Unfortunately there are too many intractable puritans in this culture. Unfortunately there are also too many creepies. (two sides of the same coin of perversion)

    As for women going topless in public, I see no harm. That goes for the overweight/saggy/unattractive as well as the beautiful.

    And Lucy....what gives? You do interviews at a topless rally while fully clothed?

  • Fluffy||

    Even if naked did mean sex, so what?

  • ||

    People would just be screwin' all the time something something blah blah blah.
    It's just an excuse to have sex!

    (Really, I had someone tell me that once.)

    I dont bother jousting this particular windmill anymore.

  • Ted S.||

    I was wondering how mnay comments I'd have to read before I read one wondering why Lucy wasn't topless.

  • Killazontherun||

    Dirty mind finally satiated?

  • ||

    You know that while she was preparing for the interviews she was thinking " The knuckleheaded commentariat are going to give me hell about not going topless". Thus the bright green shirt.

  • ||

    One of the reasons we love Lucy is that she barely gives a fuck what we think.

  • ||

    Too much green shirt.

  • ||

    Would it piggish if I noticed Lucy appears to have nice rack? I say "appears" because I am from Missouri. You have to "Show Me."

  • ||

    Holy crap, after watching this for the 5th time, I noticed Lucy has red hair.

  • Bill||

    Did anyone else notice how much Lucy was flirting with and checking out the men? Not in a conscious way, just biology at work. Interesting and kind of cool. (also slightly arousing or some similar word that's less offensive. Not offensive but some similar word that's less extreme. Well, not extreme exactly but some similar word ........)

  • Brutus||

    That redhead at 2:10 would look great in a sweater.

    And doesn't putting little slash circles over said body parts kinda make the point?

  • Ken Shultz||

    You mean the point about the sweater?

    When I picture her in a sweater, I picture that's the only thing she's wearing.

    You're right. It does make a good point about the sweater.

  • Ice Nine||

    "I don't think that it needs to be a sexual thing," Says Glasses Chick. Were truer words ever spoken?

  • ||

    "As younger generations grow up and are less weird than their parents..."

    Most young people think this way, and not just the current crop. Each generation is equally weird, just in different ways and about different things, none of which are for the first time.

    Which ancient greek said "The only thing new is what is new to you" ? I forget, but it was 3000+ years ago.

  • ||

    If there be nothing new, but that which is
    Hath been before, how are our brains beguiled,
    Which, labouring for invention, bear amiss
    The second burden of a former child.
    O, that record could with a backward look,
    Even of five hundred courses of the sun,
    Show me your image in some antique book,
    Since mind at first in character was done!
    That I might see what the old world could say
    To this composed wonder of your frame;
    Whether we are mended, or whe'er better they,
    Or whether revolution be the same.
    O, sure I am, the wits of former days
    To subjects worse have given admiring praise.

  • ||

    Thank you heller, very much. Shakespeare has a quote appropriate for any topic.

  • ||

    Needs more redhead.

  • Xenocles||

    Goddamn, the Mids are killing me.

  • ||

    I would just like to say how dissapoint I am in Reason's censorship decision. I feel oppressed and othered. Perhaps I need to take my business elsewhere.

  • RBS||

    I agree, why cover everything up?

  • Jerry on the road||

    Well I can agree on covering up them man boobs.

  • Fist of Etiquette||


  • ||


  • mgd||

    Should women be allowed to take their shirts off in public?

    Is this a trick question?

  • nipplemancer||

    There should be more protests like this. Preferably in my house. Ladies, hop to it.

  • RBS||

    Careful what you wish for...

  • Hyperion||

    Exactly. I remember my first time in Cancun when I realized that the beach I was near featured optional breast coverage for women. My excitement quickly subsided on my first visit to the beach as I realized only 400 lb. or 80+ year old women chose to use the no coverage option.

  • nipplemancer||

    Nude beaches are the worst. For shits giggles I went to the nude beach on the Sandy Hook when I was 18ish. DISAPPOINT!

  • ||

    i was a lifeguard on a nude beach (actually a few)

    this is a true maxim

    generally speaking, the hawt younger girls (in america) are too self conscious to go full nude, and most won't even go topless.

    the fat middle aged NYC housewife whose husband is spending 10k for their week on the vineyard otoh doesn't care and will go topless (god forbid)

    of course my nude beach lifeguard experience was before the age of cell phone cameras, etc. i would be curious if there has been a "chilling effect" (cue: nipple jokes)

    i had no problem going nude at a nude beach but back then, you didn't have to worry that any person talking on a cell phone (since they didn't exist) was taking video

  • Atanarjuat||

    I've been to South Beach and seen a bunch of hawt chicks topless. Generally they were young Latin-looking chicks (maybe from Brazil or someplace permissive) or slightly past-their-prime white chicks showing off their new implants.

  • ||

    yea. MV *now* has a much larger brzilian population. my grandmother still lives there and it's been a recent phenomenon.

    when i lived there, it was not the case.

    they are a substantial immigrant cultural force and they are TOTALLY cool with showing boobs, and also tend to have some of the best asses on the face of the earth

    in hawaii, brazilian surfers weren't always skilled, but they were almost always fearless

    i saw teenage girls paddle out on a bodyboard , who clearly had little to no surfing experience, in waves i wouldn't even CONSIDER surfing after years of experience

    maybe, i'm a pussy. compared to a brazilian

  • Death Rock and Skull||

    "I went to the nude beach on the Sandy Hook"


  • Ken Shultz||

    Black's Beach has awesome surfing, so a lot of us went there for that reason. But there was definitely a clash of cultures there.

    It was sort of a gay thing--if you weren't there to surf. There were just tons of gay nude guys. Those two cultures aren't really--you might see a gay guy dressed up as a cowboy. Never as a surfer!

    Awesome break at Black's though.


  • ||

    i used to LOVE surfing black's. i went to UCSB but had tons of friends from SD, as well as who attended UCSD and SDSU

    that break can get hollow and epic and the crowds are quite manageable (vs. say Swamis)

  • ||

    Why cover up the nipples? I love nipples. "My nipples explode with delight!"

  • np||

    youtube hates teh nipples

  • 0x90||

  • SIV||

    Do you know who else liked bare breasts?

    (NSFW Dyanne Thorne)

  • ||


  • EDG reppin' LBC||

    I do believe Rob Zombie is going to direct a remake of that movie, as part of the Grindhouse series.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Too bad they didn't do this in front of the Clinton White House. He would definitely come outside to feel their... pain.

  • Hyperion||

    Now I understand why there are not many comments on the article above. Because there is an article here about breasts, lol.

  • ||

    This site hosts things besides boobs?!

  • Toom Tabard||

    I spent 30 months living on the island of Crete and after about a month, seeing exposed breasts every day became as normal as anything else. NOT!

  • Libertarian||

    I think it is hilarious that these young gals think it's a patriarchic society that forces them to keep their breasts covered. Let men vote on it and bare breastedness wouldn't be illegal, it would be mandatory! It's other women, especially other older women, who are against this.

  • RBS||

    But that would only be because men like breasts and that is unacceptable, also the dreaded Male Gaze.

  • ||

    You'd be surprised. Unless you actually knew anything about our politicians. Really, how can someone be aware of the prudishness and self-righteousness on other issues, but not this one?

  • Lisa||

    Nah, it's men who have daughters.

  • shamalam||

    Ya know, for an article about breasts there ought to be some breasts shown.

    Lucy, take one for the team here.

  • Death Rock and Skull||

    After weighing the options, and viewing this video, I have decided that no male or female nipples shall be visible in public.

  • ||

    it's surprised me how many jurisdictions do not prohibit women being topless. it's just that most people don't realize it. NY is an example. every once in a while some model shoot will go in in the city and the PD will get a bunch of calls about a topless female model. which is perfectly legal in the state of NY

    in Oregon, FULL nudity is legal. as long as there is no "intent to arouse". there was a story about a woman who would mow her lawn buck nekkid. neighbors complain to cops, but it's not illegal so nothing is done

    in MA, it's legal on some PUBLIC beaches (chilmark's lucy vincent beach is full nudity for 1/2 its length)

    and of course any private beach is free to set its own rules (i used to surf a lot of nude beaches on martha's vineyard)

  • shamalam||

    There is probably a "hang ten" joke in there somewhere.

  • ||

    surfboard wax (sex wax jokes go here) and the pubic region do not go well together.

    heck, as far as nipples go, it takes a while of topless surfing to "toughen" your nipples if you aren't used to it. they can actually bleed from the rubbing against the surfboard surface/wax

    i wasn't super worried about sharks on MV (even though it's where jaws was filmed), but i don't think bleeding on your board is a smart decision either way

  • Mensan||

    "heck, as far as nipples go, it takes a while of topless surfing to "toughen" your nipples if you aren't used to it. they can actually bleed from the rubbing against the surfboard surface/wax"

    I can, unfortunately, attest to the accuracy of that statement.

  • BoscoH||

    Get up above the half marathon threshold with running and you will find all sorts of things that bleed when they chafe enough. White and light colored shirts are not friendly to the distance running with sensitive nipples.

  • ||

    i ran the maui marathon twice (i didn't take up weightlifting until just before i left hawaii. i was a skinny runner/surfer for most of my life).

    i can attest to the accury of THIS statement, although ime it was not as much blood as the nipples leaked from surfing.

    it's made doubly bad IF you pee IN your shorts. and yes, a fair # of marathon and ultradistance runners do/have done this (ditto tour de france).

    i wasn't competitive enough to worry about losing a minute to run off to the side of the road and pee in some kiawe bushes.

  • Harvard||

    As an avowed chestnut I get the impression this movement is indeed an adjunct of the "women's equality" issue. That is, how can we give a leg up to homely women? Ten out of ten sets of tits are worth leering at. Hardly two in ten are really attractive and barely worth an intent gaze. Naked however and even that fat broad's hoots with the cellulite pocks are titillating (see what I did there?) I predict the leader of this group has tiny tits with unsightly moles.

  • TheZeitgeist||

    Laws regarding what you can wear where are a natural product of any civilized human society. Personally, I'm all for babes running around with headlights on bright, but what about the uggies? Nah. Fat guy's junk rubbing against the orange pyramid at local grocer as he picks one out? Meh.

    Ironically, if society was allowed to discriminate as it wants in private association, it would arrive at it's 'mainstream' sense of decorum regarding dressing in public without endless laws. When the government bans discrimination by individuals or private associations, it in a sense monopolizes discrimination.

    You see this in France, where vast majority of population does not want little girls getting bound up in bedsheets for school. I totally agree...yuck. Stupid Muslimoids. But those schools and individuals are not allowed to discriminate on their own, they must manifest their displeasure through polls and ballot-boxes getting the government to do it instead - to everybody at once.

  • Homple||

    Take a walk through any American shopping mall. Look at other people there. Imagine each of them topless as you consider your opinions on the laws in question.

  • Agile Cyborg||

    Opinion on this type of law should be derived from our recoil to ugliness?

  • Fluffy||

    The real problem with this is that men are allowed to be topless, and middle-aged and elderly topless men are fucking revolting, too.

    They're just allowed to not give a shit.

  • ||

    i'm a libertarian. i think old fat guys in speedos (this is one way europeans are worse. many americans thankfully wear board shorts on the beach. a staggering # of euros wear speedos, which is absurd. when i was swimming in high school, we wouldn't even wear speedos during PRACTICE usually. train in board shorts and the reduced drag you when race in speedos is welcome

    so, i can say that ugly people who wear overly revealing clothes should be subject to ridicule, scorn, etc. in a libertarian society - just not govt. prohibition

  • sarcasmic||

    Yet if someone initiated violence against someone who eyed their topless girlfriend, you as a police officer would tell the victim "Assault? Ha! You deserved it!"

    You're a libertarian when it is convenient. Like when you're working undercover to gain the trust of some drug dealers before you betray them.

    Honesty and integrity, all the way!

  • Homple||

    That would be "recoil FROM ugliness".

    Sure, why not? As well as considering the opportunity for more sexual harassment suits.

  • ||

    women would call police in maui (on occasion) wanting to make a "police report" for "harassment" because in their opinion the way some guy was staring at them was "making me feel uncomfortable" and "he's raping me with his eyes" etc.

    this was exclusively a tourist problem. mostly passive-aggressive types (like those vacationing from pac NW).

    locals do not have this problem. you stare at a local's gf, he will give you stink eye. you don't knock it off, you will likely get "one false crack" and end up with broken jaw, nose, etc.

    that kind of "street (beach) justice" works really well

    chivalry is not dead

  • Agile Cyborg||

    A broken jaw over a lingering look at a gf describes a cave man with little capacity for self-control.

  • sarcasmic||

    You can bet that in a case like this Dunphy you laugh in the face of the person with the broken nose, and refuse to file a police report.

    "Fuck you, you deserved it."

    And people wonder why I despise cops.

  • sloopyinca||

    Banjos is currently at a 36F thanks to our growing baby girl.

    And Bowling Green just tied up the Gay-tors 14-14. Bowling fucking Green.

  • Bruce Majors for Congress (DC)||

    Did Joshua or Lucy go topless to blend in and make the subjects feel more comfortable?

  • Lucy Steigerwald||

    No, Bruce.

  • mr simple||

    Funny, I didn't think women wore bras purely for legal or aesthetic reasons, especially when jogging.

    If women also want to look like crass rednecks by walking around in public without a shirt, then by all means let them, as long as they don't mind the stares. I already wear mirrored aviators.

    Also, I have a friend (who's gay) that hates breasts. He thinks they are gross. This sounds like his personal hell.

  • ||

    he's a good argument that at least for some gays, it's next to 0% choice/environment and 100% genetics/etc.

    i just can't see ANY amount of social conditioning that could make me think breasts are gross.

    that's as UNpossible as brainwashing techniques that could make me think deep dish pizza is real pizza and better than REAL PIZZA

    ok, maybe extensive ludovico sessions could change my mind on breasts, but not pizza

  • ||

    Protests like this sabotage themselves. I'm now fully convinced that long sleeved shirts and pants should be required of both genders in all public spaces.

    In all seriousness though, I don't think it's unreasonable for public facilities' dress codes to reflect public mores. We all (theoretically at least) paid for them, so majority rule is the most equitable solution. Call me prudish, but I wouldn't want to go walking down to the ice cream shop with my kid's face at 8 million nude people's crotch level, including Mr. Pedobear.

    Private property, of course, is a different story.

  • onelegacyfire999||

    Gee "Go Topless Day" ,

    Want attention much? Not loved enough as little kids? Agreed about the cute red head. Wow, what a world this has fallen to.

  • np||

    Sandra G. walkin nude through Barcelona.

  • np||

    and I posted this before about Denmark:
    but like has been mentioned above, you'll encounter more moobs and sagging tits...
    except when Danish officials employ topless girls to control speeding:

  • trig||

    I'd propose this to the city council but I doubt there are enough Danish girls where I live :P

  • geo1113||

    When did Ralphie get a sex change operation!

  • Wiregrass||

    I know. I almost shot my own eyes out.

  • R. Franklin Carter||

    Why are the Raelians sponsoring this demonstration?

  • James Anderson Merritt||

    They are big promoters of "topfreedom," and apparently use "Go Topless Day" as a recruiting event. Is Big Red in the video one of "Rael's Girls"?

  • mr simple||

    They also love free publicity that comes with stirring up controversy. It brings in the donations.

  • Lucy Steigerwald||

    I think she might have been, yeah. Definitely not all the women were.

  • ||

    About the right to expose your tits in public. Ever been to a beach with Europeans? If you're 14 and from North America, let's just say you won't be able to keep Edgar limp inside your bathing suit.

    It's a "God I want to sink my face into those" feast; that's how guys see it. I reckon.

    As for allowing it in public in general, I propose a quality control department (if we're going to create jobs through expanding government it may as well be a fun one), where we ensure only the nicest boobs are exposed.

    No saggy boobs here!

  • Pound. Head. On. Desk.||

    Rufus J. Firefly| 9.2.12 @ 1:00PM |#

    Any relation to Rufus T. Firefly?

  • ||


    Distant relative at best.

  • Kent||

    I'd rather all males keep their shirts on, women, feel free. Where I live (Ontario Canada) its not illegal for a woman to go topless but I never see any doing so. Maybe in Toronto they do (esp. during gay pride parades) but no where else.

  • Ardelle||

    I started reading this but stopped once i discovered that the whole article was conflating personality traits with political ideology.

  • Francisco||

    For fuck's sake, it feels like the author is one sentence away from joining the ranks of the nutballs who insist these people's acts of wanton violence against people and property are protected under free speech.

  • sdfwesdew||


  • sdfwesdew||


  • sdfwesdew||

  • Francisco||

    The results of either one of these privileges has only been restriction in engineering and creativity, making the creative process fraught with "landmines" that can explode in your face in ways you wouldn't expect, when you attempt to create something new.

  • ||

    Okay, I think I've got it: because men sexualize women's breasts, women should be obligated at gunpoint to keep them covered, while men remain free to go about shirtless.

  • euhsdibsdf||

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