Matthew Feeney Discusses America's Fiscal Nightmare on the Alan Nathan Show at 5:50pm ET

Earlier today I spoke with Jane Silk on the Alan Nathan show about the state of the American economy, welfare, and American attitudes on spending. 

Listen live here at 5:50pm ET, the segments lasts about 10 minutes.  

Read more from on welfare and government spending here and here

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  • Drake||

    You mean the really really slow recovery that has people leaving the workforce and might turn into a recession next year?

  • Auric Demonocles||

    They won't let me comment on the previous video articles! What are we, in Nazi Germany?

  • Raston Bot||

    The obvious solution to our economic woes is for our military to seize all the Best Buys. Vive la Revolution!


  • verlighsoncno1975||

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