Matt Welch Talks About Why the Public Hates Congress on Fox Business Network

This morning, I appeared on Fox Business Network's Markets Now program with host Connell McShane to discuss the latest polls showing widespread disregard for Congress, and how the GOP civil war plays into it all:

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  • Pro Libertate||

    You could do a miniseries on that issue.

  • mr simple||

    Does the video quit at about 54 seconds for everyone, or am I the only one who bothers to actually watch the vids?

  • ||

    No problem for me. saw the whole 3+ min of it.

    You did not miss anything. Everything said can be found here at reason.

  • Brett L||

    3 minutes? Can you read 530 names in 3 minutes?

  • R C Dean||

    The real question isn't why the public hates Congress (because its hateful, duh).

    The real question is why big chunks of the public support so much of what Congress does.

  • Brandon||

    Why the public hates Congress:

  • Anonymous Coward||

    Some TEAM Red constituents actually expect their representatives to behave morally and not put a boot on the people's necks.

    What a bunch of fools.

  • Teaching Student||

  • MappRapp||

    Dude is talking a LOT of smack.


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