NSA Chief Testifying Before Senate Appropriations Committee

Army General Keith Alexander, the head of the National Security Agency, is testifying in an open hearing in front of the Senate Appropriations Committee today on government surveillance and cybersecurity. Alexander has been a key administration voice on cybersecurity issues, and is of course the head of the agency at the center of recent revelations about a massive surveillance operation. So far, the comments have tilted toward adoration and commendation of Alexander and the work his agency does, and worry about foreign cybersecurity threats. Senator Dianne Feinstein helpfully explained that the NSA follows the PATRIOT Act as she understands it.

The hearing is moving into closed doors shortly but catch up on what happened through Reason 24/7’s livetweeting of the hearing here.

UPDATE: Hearing just went into recess. Close-out quote from the chair, Barbara Mikulski: "This is America. People have a right to know." Small comfort for Edward Snowden.

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