You Know a Deportation Order Is Unjust When a Republican Congressman Sticks His Neck Out to Try and Stop It

If Immigration and Customs Enforcement pushes ahead with the deportation of Lundy Khoy, it'll be doing so despite the opposition of Republican Rep. Frank Wolf of Northern Virginia. In a letter to ICE, Wolf wrote, "As you know, I don't often intervene in requesting a stay, however the compelling nature of this case is one in which I believe should be reviewed by ICE."

Khoy, 31, was brought to the U.S. as an infant by parents fleeing ethnic cleansing in Cambodia. Save for the 12 months she spent in a refugee camp in Thailand, Khoy has lived in the U.S. her entire life, and considers herself an American. 

Nevertheless, ICE plans to deport Khoy to Cambodia--which she's never even visited--for a drug conviction dating back to 2000, her freshman year of college. From Reason's story:

Khoy served three months and was released for good behavior. She moved back in with her parents, got a job, and enrolled in community college. "I began to accept, forgive, and believe in myself," writes Khoy, who is now 31. She also completed four years of supervised probation without missing appointments or failing drug tests.

In the spring of 2004, Lundy arrived at a regularly scheduled probation appointment to show off her college report card. When she stepped inside the office, she was greeted by her probation officer--and a slew of agents from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. They "instructed me to hand over my possessions and stand spread eagle against the wall," Khoy says. "As my probation officer silently apologized, they escorted me out of the office, handcuffed me and eventually took me to Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Portsmouth, Virginia."

What happened next would not have happened if Khoy had been born in the United States. But because Khoy is not an American citizen, she was held at Hampton Roads--without a trial--for nine months, while the United States attempted to deport her to Cambodia.

In a Kafkaesque twist, Cambodia refused to take Khoy, saying that because she was born in Thailand and has never visited Cambodia, she has no ties to the country. With nowhere to send her, ICE released Khoy. But the agency wasn't done just yet.  

In April 2012, ICE enrolled Khoy in its "Intensive Supervision Appearance Program," a detention alternative for immigrants ICE eventually wants to deport. ISAP involves closely monitoring immigrants using ankle tracking bracelets and frequent home visits. To top it all off, Khoy's caseworker told her that if Cambodia won't take her, she should just pick another country to be deported to.

Wolf's support for Khoy's story just goes to show how absurd it is that she's being targeted for deportation almost a decade after she completed her sentence for possession of ecstasy with intent to sell.

"Her entire family in the United States," reads Wolf's letter. "She has invested in her education and is a productive member of society. Her conviction, while serious, has not been a consistent problem. This is a typical story of someone who entered the United States as a very young child, made a mistake, has rebuilt her life, but, due to the fact she is not a US citizen, has serious repercussions to her conviction. In any other circumstance, her rebuilt life would be applauded."

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  • Libertymike||

    The time has long passed for the elimination of ICE.

  • SKR||

    and drug laws

  • ant1sthenes||

    The one time we need global warming, and it fails us.

  • Mo||

    To top it all off, Khoy's caseworker told her that if Cambodia won't take her, she should just pick another country to be deported to.

    That is insane. How are they going to pick a country, throw a dart at a globe?

  • Hyperion||

    I will step in and take her place. They can deport me instead as long as I can pick the country.

  • Lost_In_Translation||

    "Whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do not, deport me to Bermuda"

  • Libertymike||

    Or, "please, please, deport me to Zimbabwe"

  • Lost_In_Translation||

    somehow I think that reverse psychology would fail.

  • Hyperion||

    We know that you secretly want Somalia, it is every Libertarians dream. Tony said so.

  • Lost_In_Translation||

    (singing) "...when you're a professional don't have to wear a suit!!"

  • Hyperion||

    Can a Pirate switch the eye patch for a monocle? What about eye patch with monocle for the other eye? That would be a totally badass pirate.

  • SKR||

    eye patch with a built-in monocle?

  • Hyperion||

    The fact that a majority of our congress critters are not already on board with Wolf in supporting this young lady against this tyranny is just more proof that the majority of out leadership have no morals at all.

    Where are the compassionate Dems? Oh yeah, that's right, they are worried about keeping their own asses in power right now.

    Kudos to Wolf for this, he gets one gold star.

    But this is BS:

    Her conviction, while serious

    The only serious thing about this conviction is the serious absurdity of it, along with the entire WOD.

  • Libertymike||

    A free society is one in which one is free to travel where she sees fit unmolested by hoodlums demanding identification.

  • Lost_In_Translation||

    agreed, let me know when you find this society you speak of...

  • Libertymike||

    Its been a long journey; nevertheless, when I find it I may very well find you already there.

  • $park¥||

    She can't possibly be American, she doesn't look American. Ship her off boys.

  • ||

    The venality of these ICE agents is staggering. Once again we see what happens when you create positions of power: the worst possible people are inordinately drawn to them.

  • Hyperion||

    CBP are the biggest arses on the planet.

  • Lost_In_Translation||

    rules are rules...

  • Hyperion||

    And dickheads are dickheads.

  • H. Protagonist||

    If she were an Obama-pimping pundit named Andrew Sullivan, she wouldn't have this problem.

  • Calidissident||

    Paging Chris Mallory ...

  • ||

    This poor girl is still an idiot for trusting any of these venal scum.

  • Libertymike||

    That attitude will not land you inside her thighs.

  • daveInAustin||

    Which factor is most important?

    1. It's an unjust order
    2. She is cute
    3. Romney is really trying to court Asian-American women in Northern Virginia.

  • Jordan||

    I too am really trying to court Asian-American women. Finally, Romney does something right.

  • 21044||

    oh, fuck you

    Sometimes pols do the right thing because it is the right thing, even Republican pols

    Even if it is #2 or #3, so what, it is still the right thing to do.

  • GRBW||

    Wouldn't a US citizen husband solve this problem?

  • Lincoln||

    So we're deporting an immigrant that is a model of success for our corrections system . . . I'm surprised the entire prison-industrial complex isn't at her side saying 'See, we make things better' . . .


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