Steve Jobs, R.I.P. and Open Thread

As you have no doubt heard,NeXT Computer Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs has died at 56. 

History will little note nor long remember anything I have to say about Jobs, who enriched our culture not only with the original consumer GUI breakthrough but with his early support for Pixar, a foresighted reconfiguring of his company around devices in the 21st century, and countless other good bets (and more than a few bad ones). 

Whatever your views of the iPhone, iPad, iPod and so on (I left the Apple world in the late nineties and resisted all subsequent i-Siren songs), there's not much argument that Jobs had a deep, real and positive impact on our economy and our culture. Maybe just as important, Apple's long, convoluted, up-and-down battle with its competitors – which included a barely remembered bailout from Microsoft back in the dotcom era – has been among the most fascinating business stories of our time. (Speaking of which: John Sculley, it's time for your second act.) 

Reason coverage of Apple and Jobs:

Why Chairman Steve's many failures worked out well for him and for the rest of us. 

Why even the overhyped launch of the iPad is more important than any political event you can name. 

The temperamental Jobs amusingly rips a student journalist a new bunghole

How the FCC is even trying to screw up the iPhone

Which is a better deal for your money: iPhone or oBama

And the classic iPhone versus American jobs: 

Speak your mind in the comments. I'd say it's a mercy that Jobs enjoyed being widely celebrated in his own lifetime (though it was never clear whether he enjoyed anything), and his death is not entirely unexpected. But it's still a kick in the ass to lose a great innovator when he was clearly still at or near his productive prime. 

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  • ||

    The Howard Rorek of today is gone. Shine on You Crazy Diamond. You Got Something, but it wasn't from nothing (Rush reference).

  • ||

    Bye, Steve. Thanks for making my aunt a shitload of money.

  • Suki||

    Forrest Gump cashed in on that too.

  • Abdul||

    America can't afford to lose more Jobs.

  • ||

    a sad +1

  • Head||

    -1 for Obama. More Jobs neither created nor saved.

  • Tb||

    I guess the best compliment I can pay is that I'm reading the article and posting the comment on my iPad. The man has shaped my life, through computers and devices, since I was in elementary school 30+ years ago.

  • Jeffersonian||

    So ends a magnificent era with a great, great man's death. I never cared for Apple's products, but there's little doubt Jobs was a genius with an eye for what people needed, in addition to what they wanted.

    He will be missed. RIP, Steve, I hope to have a beer with you some day.

  • mike||

    Jobs was a very talented man and brilliant at marketing. And even though I was an early adopter of the Apple II, I despise all things Apple as a result of his second coming.

  • EscapedWestOfTheBigMuddy||

    He was the one who kicked Apple out of the "Our latest project to replace the cooperative multi-tasking, unprotected, half-assed, 1970's styling kernel just up and died...again!" runt, so that's something.

  • Whiskey Muscles||

    He is the Thomas Edison of our time.

  • Fabius||

  • Apatheist||

    That was really good.

  • Scruffy Nerfherder||

    Fuck Edison. He gets all the credit when Tesla was the real innovator, just not a good promoter.

  • Sartre||

    Didn't Jobs just take all of PARC's innovations and promote them better? I mean, sure Jobs was smart where Xerox was inept (partly at the hands of government) but there is a difference between root innovation and innovatively applying another's innovations.

  • Metazoan||

    I have to disagree. Of course, he didn't invent electricity, but try this: stack those chips (made by other companies) on top of each other (and for good measure do it near a road with workers educated by the rest of us) and see if it plays music. Probably not. The innovation was in the use of these inventions, and I don't think that makes it any less than Thomas Edison (who, iirc, borrowed some ideas about light bulbs..)

  • rather||

    That ain't a compliment

  • ||

    He is the Thomas Edison of our time.

    Please please please read some history on Edison! Jobs was a brilliant man but he wasn't in the same league as Edison.

  • yonemoto||

    *now* isn't in the same league as then. I for one aspire to be the Feynman or Langmuir of our time. Shouldn't be so hard.

  • BigT||

    " I for one aspire to be the Feynman or Langmuir of our time. Shouldn't be so hard"

    Ego overload.

  • yonemoto||

    you didn't read what I wrote, did you.

  • BigT||

    That's some tall egomaniacal aspirations you got there.

  • Scruffy Nerfherder||

    If you're talking about Feynman's tastes for playing the drums and strip joints, then I'm right there with you.

  • Whiskey Muscles||

    Please, please, please try not to be a condesending asshole. Comparisons between Jobs and Edison have been made by many. If you disagree, feel free to say so. But don't act like you're an Edison scholar because you did a book report on him and got a smiley face from your teacher.

  • EdisonFan||

    Homer: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, great story Lenny. But here's one
    that's even more spellbinding. Once upon a time, there was a
    man named Thomas Edison, and he invented the dictating
    machine, and the fluoroscope, and the repeating telegraph ...
    [time passes. The patrons are bored out of their minds,
    still listening to Homer talk about Edison]
    Homer: And he was a firm believer in Fletcherism, and he played the
    organ, and his favorite flower was the heliotrope! Oh! And
    his middle name was Alva. And he never, ever, ever wore
    pajamas, and ...
    Moe: Okay, I think we've been polite long enough here ... Lenny!
    What happened with the dame in the bathing suit?
    Lenny: Uh ... oh. Uh, oh nuts! I forgot! All I can think of now
    is Edison, I can't even remember where I work. [walks off]
    Homer: Well, I remember where Edison worked! It was Menlo Park.
    That's where he came up with the tacimeter, the ore
    separator, and ...
    Carl: Uh, James Watt invented the steam engine.
    Homer: That's boring. You're boring everybody! Quit boring

  • Whiskey Muscles||

    Please, please, please try not to be a condesending asshole. Comparisons between Jobs and Edison have been made by many. If you disagree, feel free to say so. But don't act like you're an Edison scholar because you did a book report on him and got a smiley face from your teacher.

  • BigT||

    Edison was a notorious asshole. Same league on at least that score.

  • ||

    Yeah, I'd take Tesla over Edison any day.

  • Scruffy Nerfherder||

    Now we're talking. Edison didn't deserve to wipe the sweat off of Tesla's Serb balls, but he gets all the credit.

    I always thought casting Bowie as Nikola Tesla in The Prestige was a stroke of genius.

  • Desheveled Ready Projects||

    While most will wax poetic about phones, pads, desktops, etc., Jobs's legacy to me will always be his contribution to modern typography, from the Mac to even his (too ahead of its time) NeXT PC. Being only a decade younger than Jobs, I'm just old enough to remember having to do lettering in art college by hand in the pre-Mac/pre-LaserWriter age; as well as laying strips of waxed type on blue-lined pages at various print and newspaper jobs as a young man. Man, I hated that crap!!

    After I lost all interest in anything print, the Mac, particularly the Mac-II sucked me right back into graphic art and a deeper appreciation of typography through Apple's software and Adobe PostScript. Revolutionized my whole outlook on typography and the print industry.

    Jobs influenced technology in just about every decade of my life; late 70s Apple PCs in junior high; "desktop publishing" Macs in the 80s; Pixar in the 90s; the iPods/Phones/Pads in the new millennium.

    Feeling REALLY old and sad right now!

    If there's a heaven I hope he charged through the Pearly Gates with a swinging hammer, 1984 commercial style!

  • A Serious Man||

    Never been an Apple user, but this was a great man. Technology is why the US still dominates the world. May there be more visionaries like him for the sake of the world.

  • sevo||

    Jobs was one of those folks who, the closer you got to them, the farther away you wanted to be.
    Regardless, he managed to provide more wealth and (yes) pleasure to humanity than most other folks I can think of.
    At this point sympathy is not really worth much, but all of us lost something here.

  • ||


  • Bradley||

    He was an asshole, but sometimes that's what it takes.

  • Famous Potatoes||

    Did you know him?

  • Bradley||

    It wasn't exactly a secret.

  • Pantless Deviant||

    Ask any of the engineers he wantonly screamed at and fired on a whim for not being as exacting as he was. The stories are legend amongst the Cupertino Set.

    Sad that he's gone (I'm not Apple user), but according to many who knew him he was an asshole.

  • Montani Semper Liberi||

    Fuck Cancer

  • Sandy Smith||


  • ||


  • cynical||

    As much as I hate the company he ran, I have to admit that he probably did much more good than harm with his life. And Apple probably put the money to better use than their fucking hipster customers ever could. RIP.

  • not cynical||

    I know lots of Apple customers and none of them are "hipsters."
    Just sayin'.

  • Lenovo||

    Homos too.

  • Apatheist||

  • ||

    If it weren't for Steve and the people who joined him at NeXT and Apple, I'd have left the computer industry twenty years ago. Looking around IL 1 today, I think we all came to the same decision: the best way to remember Steve is to keep doing things the way he did.


  • Alex||

    B/c of course you know better what each person wants, right?

    So when are your groundbreaking products set to hit the market and pound Apple into rubble?

  • Alex||

    Meant for the comment below...

  • Vake||

    "the best way to remember Steve is to keep doing things the way he did."

    No, think different.

  • Sacre Bleu||

    I am unaware of anyone else who suckered so many stupid Americans out of their money for a stupid product

  • Barack Obama||

    ** laughs up sleeve **

  • Alex||

    B/c of course you know better what each person wants, right?

    So when are your groundbreaking products set to hit the market and pound Apple into rubble?

  • Another Phil||

    I am unaware of anyone else who suckered so many stupid Americans out of their money for a stupid product

    I think this is what you meant.

  • sevo||

    "Apple earns 5.5 percent total market share in France"
    After a couple of weeks in France several years ago, I thought a Big Mac would taste good. But the lines are too long.

  • Sailor||

    Looking for good jokes about his death...

  • squishua||

    Pancreatic cancer. There's no app for that. (

  • Sailor||

    Not bad. Obvious though I guess.

  • The Bullshit Destroyer||

    I anticipate Jobs to be at the unveiling of the iDeath.

  • Abe Vigoda||

    I'm still alive

  • steve||

    An Apple a day keeps the doctor away... unless you're the guy makin' the apples.

  • Arroway||

    He's taking a Dirt App.

  • The Bullshit Destroyer||

    Is it still true that no two countries have ever been at war that both have an Apple Store?

  • ||

    Does that count fake Apple stores in China?

  • hmm ||


  • Monk||

    He was a asshole that convinced dumb saps to throw money at him and suckle his cancerous dick.

    The world just got a little better today.

  • sevo||

    "He was a asshole that convinced dumb saps to throw money at him and suckle his cancerous dick"

    Sold your stock too early, did you? What a shame!

  • JC Denton||

    What a shame.

  • The Bullshit Destroyer||

    If there's an appropriate tribute to Jobs's passing it's that the dopey, pinko commies at the OccupyWallStreet rallies are mourning his passing as they learn about it on their Apple devices.

  • Dopey Pinko Commie||

    Corporate greed causes cancer.



  • Binky||

    No. What's a SEMTIC?

  • Skeletroll||

  • ||

    He was an Arab, as it happens.


  • Vake||

    He wasn't a politician or government employee. That's the best thing that can be said of him.

  • squarooticus||


  • squarooticus||

    As one of my facebook friends quoted Rush:

    "We're only immortal... for a limited time."

    RIP, Steve. Cancer sucks.

  • Greer||

    just read an article on AP with tributes, from everyone including some TV host. But no Wozniak....

  • PantsFan||

    Wozniak was just on CNN

  • Tman||

    I can still remember using an Apple 2E in grade school for the first time and the feeling you got from understanding how it all worked, and how much fun it was to use.

    Many have said, and I agree, that Jobs created things that people didn't even realize they wanted before he had invented them. Today my iPhone actually runs my go-to telescope using a planetarium app wirelessly, which would be indistinguishable from magic all of a century ago.

    RIP Mr. Jobs, and thanks for everything you did to make our lives more enjoyable.

  • marlok||

    "which would be indistinguishable from magic all of a century ago."

    More like 20 years ago.

  • Zeb||

    That might be taking it a bit too far. In 1991, all of the technological parts necessary for such a thing more or less existed. Certainly was withing the realm of possibilities.

  • Fatty Bolger||

    Hardly. Cool and awesome, yes, but not magical.

  • kinnath||

    Jobs was a ruthless capitalist, and no one sold the "sizzle" as well as he did.

  • The Hamilton||

    Right on. And thank Gawd. Too bas there ain't more....

  • ||

    I've always been a Mac fan, not so much the iOS outrages that rule the Apple ecosystem these days. It is ironic that the Mac Mini which Jobs notoriously hated and tried to kill numerous times, outlived him.

  • Apple representative||

    Wait, the Mac Mini requested to see Steve this afternoon. He said it would be for just a minute and that he wanted some privacy so they could "discuss business"...OH SHIT!

  • sevo||

    "It is ironic that the Mac Mini which Jobs notoriously hated and tried to kill numerous times, outlived him."

    Don't see it as "ironic". He took his best guesses and hit winners more often than losers.
    He bet early that memory was going to be cheap, and that was the winning bet. Most of the rest was packaging, and between software and physical design, he got the packages right.

  • ||

    the Mac Mini which Jobs notoriously hated

    Where in the world did you get that idea?

    tried to kill numerous times

    If Steve didn't want it, it wouldn't have remained available.


  • ||

    the Mac Mini which Jobs notoriously hated

    Where in the world did you get that idea?

    tried to kill numerous times

    If Steve didn't want it, it wouldn't have remained available.


  • BakedPenguin||

    He was certainly not without faults, and he may have been more marketer than engineer. Still, he definitely had a passion for creating (or delivering) interesting products that enriched people's lives. Even if you've never used an Apple, you've benefited from his work - if only in how others had to change their products to measure up to his. RIP, Steve.

  • marlok||

    I've always been on the PC side of the divide, but I have to concede that macs introduced innovations that pushed computing forward in a big way.

    Also, it's hard to overestimate the impact that the ipod/iphone/ipad have had on the culture.

  • fish||

    I'd grieve for Mr. Jobs if only he had done something important and noble with his participating in the formation of government policy!

    RIP Jobs! Fuck you Tony and all your associated cockpuppets!





  • marlok||

    I laughed hard. Really hard.

  • ||

    Can't wait to see The Onion political cartoonist's take on this.

  • rsi||

    I don't care for their business model but I love my iPOD (Classic, 80g).


  • Steve Jobs||

    I gave Woz permission to update my Facebook and Twitter accounts with "Hey, made it to Hell. Satan uses a Mac."

  • Garble||

    Steve Jobs is dead? Yawn . . .

  • F Hart||

  • Bitchy Leftist Hater||

    Jobs made too much profit. Fuck his dead corpse AND his company.

  • ||

    "Jobs made too much profit."

    All u ever made was shit stains on yer BVD's!

    What? Oh, I'm sorry. I shoulda' known u don't wear 'em.

  • Bitchy Liberal Hater||

    Jobs was a filthy capitalist pig. Fuck his dead corpse AND his fucking corporation.

  • o2||

    say it twice comrad brotha

  • Tony||

    I hope the IRS ass-rapes his estate.

  • MSNBC||

    We agree with these posts.

  • Max||


  • IRS||

    Oh, we have plans for his corpse AND his estate...

  • Anal Hazardous||

    Can I watch?

  • Meaty Balls||

    "Jobs was a filthy capitalist pig. Fuck his dead corpse AND his fucking corporation."

    Top 150 shareholders of Apple (AAPL)

  • 0x90||

    I sincerely hope that the greatness of this man will be finally realized through its being demonstrated in the market that his company's success has been solely attributable to his own personal influence.




  • Dick Trumpka||

    I can have that done...

  • Joe M||

    In other news, Sarah Palin isn't running for president.

  • John||

    Today is a sad day.

  • ||

    It was the summer of 1983. My buddy was going to Devry in Kansas City. I went and visited him and he gave me a a few 5 1/2 disks that had a whole bunch of bootlegged games and software. That fall I was in what was probably the first computer classes at Memorial High School in Joplin. We had 5 Apple II's and here I come along the only dude with any games. Of course everyone wanted to play them. Software back then didn't have DRM. Within a week everyone else had there own copies of the disks. I remember one day watching the class from the back and they were all playing the games I helped bootleg with a big smile on my face.

    IMHO, Woz was obviously the engineer. Jobs the saleman. But that is OK. Apparently he was a prick to work for. I admire that he never let failure stop him. I admire that he probably knew he was going to die soon and he was still out there selling his shit.

  • Sean||

    He intended to live forever, but died in the attempt

  • ||

    Is he really dead or did he just upload?

  • SIV||

    Do you stop because you see a red and white octagon or because the sign says "STOP"?

    I've never understood this whole GUI thing.Why would I want to learn what a bunch of tiny pictures mean when I can already read?

  • Sacre Bleu||

    What if you are in a country where the word STOP is not in english, you stupid fat American? Oh, that's right. you are a stupid fat American and never leave your country.






  • SIV||

    Ha ha! Most of them say "STOP" The Krauts didn't confuse anyone who is literate with their oh so clever variant "Halt".

  • Sacre Bleu||

    Americans are stupid

  • 0x90||

    Sacre Bleu, bigot extraordinaire, reminds me of this guy.

  • Sacre Bleu||

    more like this guy

  • LarryA||

    Why would I want to learn what a bunch of tiny pictures mean when I can already read?

    The alterntive to GUI was DOS. You had to know how to program just to find and open files. Which could only have eight-character file names. "Graphics" were limited to cobbling up "pictures" using spaced characters and could only be 80 characters wide. "Desktop publishing" looked like something off a mimeograph machine.

    Almost everything you read today is published using GUI. Including stop signs.

  • SIV||

    But why can't the graphics be "words"? They are easily and instantly identifiable, not indecipherable blobs of multi-colored pixels.

  • Sacre Bleu||

    Words are symbols you stupid fat American

  • Neu Mejican||

    picture's worth a thousand words

  • ||

    Then why bother with movable type? In fact, why aren't Reason's articles just titles and pictures and chuck the ledes, paragraphs, sentences and words. Furthermore, just eliminate the title since we can't have others dictating the narrative.

    I guess those cave paintings at Lasceaux and all that pre-Cambrian art should speak for themselves, no?

  • Art-P.O.G.||

    Cue deep discussions on semiotics, art and language.

  • ||

    You're still always "The Art-P.O.G.", regardless of your choice of moniker.

  • The Art-P.O.G.||

    Why fight it?

  • Paul ||

    "picture's worth a thousand words"

    Until you have to support the computer illiterate on the other end of the phone, then tring to describe precise instructions with pictures becomes a head-exploding endeavor.

  • ||

    Which thousand?

  • anon||

    A fucking moron knows how to use DOS. It's hardly "programming."

  • Zeb||

    GUIs certainly have their place. But for most purposes, I find a keyboard is a far more useful interface than a mouse. I remember when I was at college, the libraries changed their computer systems to something new with a GUI interface. Instead of being able to check out a book with a few keystrokes the library desk people now had to click the mouse on various fields, type on the keyboard, move the mouse again, etc.

  • sukmyfukenkok||

    He was a sperm animal filled with electric possibility - may the totem goddess accept him onto her milky, beatific bosom.

  • i shopper||

    I'm looking for the Asshole Store. Is this the place?

  • Marty Feldman's Eyes||

    Perhaps overlooked among his and Apple's numerous achievements, I'd say one of his biggest contributions to computing is creating a successful mass consumer-friendly flavor of UNIX.

  • ||


    Apples now dominate in my corner of the scientific world (astrophysics) because you can have your iTunes and Microsoft Office but then open up a xterm window and run all that old code you've been writing for the last two decades.

  • sukmyfukenkok||

    What did one cancer cell say to the other? Hey, let's get Jobs.

  • anon||

    sad +1

  • anon||

    Alternate: Lets kill some Hicks!

  • BigT||

    Steve Jobs was the greatest capitalist of the last 25 years. For that I admired him.

  • Citizen Nothing||

    Even the overhyped launch of the iPad is more important than any political event you can name.
    Fuckin' A.
    RIP, Steve.
    (posted from my iPhone)





  • affenkopf||

    Jobs never saw his life Flash before his eyes, because it wasn't supported.

  • ||


  • Paul ||

    It went by in Quicktime.

  • ||

    Ouch! I LOL'd.

  • lunchstealer||

    I would just like to point out that, once again,



  • ||

    Cancer took our Jobs.

  • ||

    Newsflash: Steve Jobs hasn't died. Per Buddhist tradition, as the CEO of a successful tech company, he has reached enlightenment and can now be properly worshipped by his hordes of fans as the Buddha of Technology Marketing.

  • peple||

  • ||

    I guess now half his wealth will be going to charity......

    As much as I think Gates, Buffett, Zuckerberg are pandering A-holes you have to questions the devotion of the left to Jobs and Apple in light of his "hoarding."

  • ||

    BTW - just downloaded Mango and Windows Phone is looking very competitive.

  • ||

    They terk err Jobs!!!

  • DRM||

    A probable slow-motion suicide.

    When the docs tell you you have a cancer that can be treated easily with surgery, you don't spend nine months treating it with alternative therapies like diet, letting it grow.

    And when it turns out the cancer underwent metastasis (implied by the fact that he required a pancreatoduodenectomy instead of a procedure limited entirely to the pancreas), you damn well follow up with chemo, since you can't know you got it all with the knife.

  • Jozef||

    He greatly contributed to the world of computing before he left Apple the first time. I'm grateful for that. When he rejoined, though, he turned computers into glorified toasters where most of the control over the product remained with the manufacturer, at the owner's expense. For this reason I considered him an evil genius (with the emphasis on "evil"). He still has my respect for the "genius" part, but I didn't care for him when he lived, and I won't pretend I care for his death.

  • ||

    Jesus fuck. I just cleared my FB feed with all the wailings.

    I guess I'll have to avoid all media for the next week or so to escape the never-ending dirge.

  • Lord Humungus||

    the 1984 Mac ad:

    I was never an Apple fan, but kudos to a good capitalist marketing swine.

  • Max||

    Ans big Obama supporter.

  • Fatty Bolger||

    Nice article on Jobs:

    A Jobs Agenda

    I don’t know what Steve Jobs’s politics were, I don’t much care, and in any case they are beside the point. The late Mr. Jobs stood for something considerably better than politics. He stood for the model of the world that works.
    I was down at the Occupy Wall Street protest today, and never has the divide between the iPhone world and the politics world been so clear: I saw a bunch of people very well-served by their computers and telephones (very often Apple products) but undeniably shortchanged by our government-run cartel education system. And the tragedy for them — and for us — is that they will spend their energy trying to expand the sphere of the ineffective, hidebound, rent-seeking, unproductive political world, giving the Barney Franks and Tom DeLays an even stronger whip hand over the Steve Jobses and Henry Fords. And they — and we — will be poorer for it.

    And to the kids camped out down on Wall Street: Look at the phone in your hand. Look at the rat-infested subway. Visit the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, then visit a housing project in the South Bronx. Which world do you want to live in?

  • Scruffy Nerfherder||

    Well said.

  • cogdis||

    What's interesting for me about this is that most of my "friends" on facebook lean left, some far left. Many like to post anti-capitalist messages, support heavy government interference in the market, and even in a few cases echo inane things from Michael Moore like capitalism should be replaced with democracy; many also have been writing supportive comments about the Occupy Wall Street protests (not just the anti-corporate stuff but also just the blatantly anti-capitalist stuff). Yet my facebook page today is just innundated by sadness and homages to Jobs by some of these very same people.

  • Alan Vanneman||

    Not that it's too terribly important, and maybe somebody already made the point, but it was Xeorx that invented GUI. Jobs licensed it from them. Way back in the day, in the mid-eighties, I worked at a non-profit that had the original Xerox "STAR" equipment--19-inch black and white monitors with icons you clicked on. The STAR could copy data onto a 10-inch floppy disc that held an astounding one megabyte of data.

  • ||

    Apple got quite a bit of "inspiration" from Xerox PARC, if I remember correctly--GUI and the mouse, for instance.

  • Max||

    "History will little note nor long remember anything I have to say about Jobs." Or about anything, for that matter, Cavanaugh. Why not just shut the fuck up?

  • Marc Allen||

    The man's lfe, vision and pure entrpeneurship was like a modern day Iliad to me and many others who grew up reading of his trials and triumphs while using his products to pursue ours.

  • ||

    Without him, Microsoft would have been twice as shitty as it is.

    Also, even in death, he did us a great service, totally swamping the antics of the snowbilly diva. A grateful nation thanks you.

    RIP, good sir.

  • ||

    What almost everyone forgets is how much Microsoft contributed to the success of Apple. Besides the more recent $150 million injection of capital, there is no Mac success story without Word and Excel.

  • Cliché Bandit||

    Well a decade long lawsuit down to the wire and a hat in hands Gates may have had some small influence on that 150.

  • ||

    Incidentally, RIP. Like many, I was never a huge fan of Apple, but it and his contributions to innovation can't be denied. Nor the creation of the concept of a luxury brand in electronics.

  • Asil||

    Dear Steve Jobs--
    In 1985 my university required incoming freshmen purchase a nifty new Mac 512k. I immediately started to doodle and create. This brought me to toss my grand plan of being a ceramic artist for a living. So thank you for enabling me to be something called a visual marketing director instead of a slug living in my parents' basement playing with clay.

  • RIP||

    Gone to the (i)Cloud.

  • Fatty Bolger||

    I think you just described half of the cartoons for tomorrow.

    Who knows, maybe we'll get one for Friday Funnies.

  • ChrisO||

    I have a love/hate relationship with Apple, in that I rely on an iPhone now and admire many aspects of the Apple design philosophy, but I've also considered Apple products overpriced and under-featured ever since the Mac debuted.

    Thing is, you cannot deny Jobs' singular importance in the technology field. He wasn't so much a technology innovator (everyone knows he grabbed existing tech in many instances), but he turned it into devices the average person wants and relies upon. No other company has been able to do that as consistently as Apple.

    It will be interesting to see where Apple goes in the next few years. Obviously, there are many talented people working there, but Jobs seemed to dominate the company's conceptual thinking.

  • Metazoan||

    There's one other thing that he did:

    He got hipsters and other assorted lefty retards to CELEBRATE SOMEONE WHO CREATES WEALTH!!

    RIP Steve, you were a true industrialist, a representative of the spirit of capitalism.

  • Jose||


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  • Nothing Left to Cut? Congress can’t live within their means.
  • And much more.